Three Character Traits That Contribute to Adam Milstein’s Success

Adam Milstein is many things. He’s a philanthropist, a family man, and a wildly successful business owner. An Israeli native, he’s active both in the Jewish community, philanthropic work with the Israeli-American Council of which he is the chair, and his real estate business, Hager Pacific Properties. But Adam is more than just a businessman. He sees opportunities others don’t, and he’s not afraid to branch out and go against the status quo.


A Heart For Entrepreneurship


Adam Milstein came to the United States in search of higher education. However, after graduating from USC, he realized that many recruiters didn’t appreciate his diverse background, the experience he had, and the skill set he could bring to the table. So, instead of looking for a job, he branched out on his own and set up his own business. After three successful years as a Real Estate Commercial broker, he began to venture into the world of real estate investing and Hager Pacific Properties was born.


A Positive Outlook


Another trait that makes Milstein so successful is his relentless positivity. Instead of complaining that he wasn’t given the jobs others were, he created his own company. When asked in interviews what his worst job was, he’ll say that he’s never had a job he didn’t like because he just enjoys working. Because of this positivity and the ability to create an opportunity out of every challenge, Milstein sees doors open where others just see a wall.


A Family Man


Not only does Adam have a heart for the community, he’s a family man at heart. When asked in an interview what the best hundred dollars he spent were, he said it was the money he spent on dinner with his family because family is most important.


By staying positive, creating opportunities where none seem to exist, and keeping his eye on what’s really important in life, Adam Milstein has been able to push through a great many challenges and become the successful businessman and philanthropist he is today. The characteristics that have helped him get this far are the same ones that will carry him through a lifetime of success. Only time will tell what Adam Milstein will accomplish next.


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