Securus Video Visitation changes Prison visitation services

Being put behind bars for crime hits many people hard when they realize that they have lost their freedom. However, it comes as a big shock to families too when they realized that the closeness to their loved ones has been stopped. Communication comes up as the only solution to build and maintain such relationships. The only limiting factor involved is the cost to ensure perfect communication. One can schedule several visits to correction facilities. On the other hand, there are video visitation programs that have proved to be highly beneficial. Securus Technologies is the company behind video visitation programs.


The company has availed the video visitation through a web-based application. The software has made inmate visitation possible on a daily basis. The only requirement is that one has a reliable and constant instant access. With a home internet, one can access the application through their home visitation application. Taking into account the convenience that comes with using the application, there is no limit to the number of visitors possible through the video call. One can communicate with their friends and family every day. The inmate will remain continually updated with the happenings and events within the family. Securus Technologies has benefited the society as a whole and in an individual level. I believe that the program ensures reduction of crimes. Inmates that have a sense of belonging to their families have always shown a greater possibility of rehabilitating.


The software comes in the form of multi-purpose terminal screens installed at specific locations in correction facilities. The systems are installed in correction facilities to allow communication to inmates without the need of transportation. Many correctional facilities are moving away from traditional visitation and encouraging people to use the video visitation program.


I find that the video visitation program has been able to improve security in correction facilities. The software makes use of an automated list that includes banned visitors and those that are allowed. The list ensures that people who are not supposed to get in touch with inmates remain away. The system automatically denies anyone who is not included on the visitation list.


The program has been highly beneficial to bringing families together during the festive Christmas season. Inmates can watch and participate in a few activities within the home. Apart from the festive season, one can share other moments with their families like birthdays. A father can take part in the growth of their child by watching football practices and even bedtime stories.