Paul Mampilly Teases What The Next Great Investment Will Be

Paul Mampilly is the founder of Capuchin Consulting, a company that he uses to generate ideas for how professional investors should situate their money. He also writes a monthly publication for Banyan Hill Publishing called Profits Unlimited. This is a newsletter that is directed at average investors who want to beat the market. In each issue he outlines a company where he explains why he sees them as being undervalued and poised for fantastic growth.

He likes to tease what upcoming issues of Profit Unlimited issues are going to be about before they are released. He did this in December 2017 for his upcoming January issue. In the tease, he said that he had spotted what could be the best medical breakthrough in history. Furthermore, he said that a company in the healthcare industry would release something that would create a revolution when it comes to health and was more vital than any vaccine or drug could be.

Paul Mampilly dropped a few hints on what company he was talking about. Among these he called it a mid-Western company and that it was worth around $1.5 billion. He brought up Genomic sequencing as well, where doctors can spot errors in a person’s genetic code which result in diseases. He said that by looking at a person’s DNA and fixing these errors diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and the like could be eliminated from the human condition.

His clues lead some to believe that he is pointing at Myriad Genetics, a firm in Salt Lake City. This is a firm that offers personalized medicine as well as diagnostics. They are focused presently on assessing people’s cancer risk through genomic testing. This type of testing, though, can be expanded well beyond cancer and once this company does so their stock is going to explode upwards, Paul Mampilly says.

In 1991, Paul Mampilly got his first job on Wall Street. Eventually, he landed a job managing a hedge fund at Kinetics Asset Management. During his career at this company his hedge fund was named one of the best on the planet by the financial news publication Barron’s. He was so successful that he won the challenge that the Templeton Foundation had put on. Each investor in the challenge started with $50 million and the goal was to make the most money of any of them through investing. He won with a final total of $88 million.

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