WEN Cleansing Conditioner Creates Major Shine and Manageability for Beauty Blogger

We all want shiny, bouncy, healthy, manageable hair, and most of us assume that if the shampoo lather is big, then the results will follow.

Wrong, says famous west coast stylist Chaz Dean. He developed the popular no-lather shampoo system called WEN by Chaz, and his star clientele went crazy over the all-natural formulas that restore strength, volume and gloss back to hair. No matter what hair type or hair condition you have, WEN’s unique cleansing conditioners wash the hair thoroughly without nasty detergents like sulfates.

Bustle beauty blogger Emily McClure had seen the Sephora infomercials about WEN with the gorgeous A-list celebrities whipping their big, shiny tresses back and forth. Emily wanted that kind of beautiful, healthy Hollywood hair, so she tested WEN by Chaz for seven days and posted daily hair selfies to chart her progress.

Emily’s shoulder length hair called for 16-24 pumps of product; she thought that was too excessive. What Emily didn’t understand is the Wen concept. Because it isn’t like regular lather shampoo, a lot of WEN is essential to cleanse the hair for optimum results.

Emily decided on just 10 pumps, enough for a short-haired woman. Now, whether her honest results would be blemished for not following the directions on the bottle, we cannot say.

Even so, when Emily washed in the mornings with WEN, followed by blow-drying and styling, her hair reaped beautiful results. Emily’s hair selfies showed gorgeous, glossy strands, and her best girlfriends noticed the improvement right away. Emily was pleased with WEN.

If she veered away from a morning wash and switched the routine to nighttime, her hair fell flat. If Emily skipped a wash altogether, she felt her hair got greasy and unmanageable early on.

Emily’s advice: Stick to a daily WEN wash for superior results. Wen is available online via Amazon and most high end salons nationwide.

Visit the Wen website at http://www.wenhaircare.com/.


The Life and Work of Human Rights Activist Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan-Norwegian who is the mind behind the Oslo Freedom Forum. The Oslo Freedom Forum is a prominent conference that showcases international human rights activists. Halvorssen is a person who has a strong interest in international human rights. He, as a result, is often in the middle of dilemmas that take place on a global stage. He runs an organization that’s called the Human Rights Foundation. The goal of this foundation is to battle and eliminate oppressive governments located all around the planet. Halvorssen’s conference’s daytime panels and speeches brought in 450 guests in 2013. Nighttime events including dinners brought in 250 of them. The conference had representatives from a total of 57 nations.

Halvorssen was born Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza in March of 1976. His life began in Venezuela. Halvorssen’s mother is Hilda Mendoza who is related to both Simon Bolivar and Cristobal Mendoza. These two people were the nation’s first presidents ever. Halvorssen’s father is named Thor Halvorssen Hellum. He worked as an anti-narcotic affairs ambassador for his country. According to Time Magazine, Halvorssen went to school at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s University of Pennsylvania. He graduated both magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. He studied history and political science. He completed undergraduate and graduate studies at the same exact time.

Thor Halvorssen is an expert who knows a lot about subjects such as democratic risks, slavery, human trafficking and dictatorships. He has given many human rights lectures throughout the years. He’s given human rights lectures at the New York City Junto, the American Enterprise Institute, the United Nations Association and Harvard Law School. He’s even been a speaker at the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

When Halvorssen isn’t working hard as a human rights activist, he produces movies. He worked as a co-producer for the movie “Freedom’s Fury.” This film’s executive producers were Andrew Vajna, Quentin Tarantino and Lucy Liu. The premiere for Freedom’s Fury took place at New York, New York’s Tribeca Film Festival. The movie was about Hungary’s 1956 dictatorship revolt. Halvorssen also worked as Hammer & Tickle’s executive producer. Hammer & Tickle was a Zurich Film Festival winner.

Source: http://www.weeklystandard.com/troublemaker-for-tyrants/article/899824

Beauty Blogger Gets Shinier, Softer Hair With WEN 7-Day Challenge

Some of us are born with fine, limp, frizzy hair, and it’s a curse. Just ask beauty blogger Emily McClure who is exhausted from fighting her do nothing locks day in and day out.
As a beauty contributor for Bustle.com, Emily McClure is lucky to test all kinds of hair, skin and makeup products. This time, she was reaching for the WEN no shampoo method, to see if she could gain that Hollywood big, glossy head of hair.

Most of us are unaware that regular shampoos we buy at drugstores and even high end boutiques are laden with harsh detergents. These chemicals strip and dull the hair. That’s why WEN’s one of a kind cleansing conditioners are so popular around the globe. This one bottle hair miracle can transform any type of hair at any age.

Well-known LA stylist Chaz Dean developed the WEN system and hasn’t used a lather shampoo on himself or his famous clientele since 1993. So, that speaks volumes about his natural and healthy no-poo products.

Emily McClure decided to wash with WEN in the shower every morning and then keep a daily log with facebook photos. Right away, she fell in love with the nourishing consistency of the cleansing conditioner. Her hair seemed to swell in size and develop a smooth glossiness.

Emily was freaked out about the 16-24 pumps of WEN product to use for her medium length hair, so she used 10 pumps, or the minimum for short hair. Still, the total beauty product worked wonders after she blow-dried and styled.

Her hair photos also show the WEN magic of healthy, strong, shiny locks.

Emily did skip a hair wash one morning and her tresses looked limp and oily.

Emily says that for hair to see optimum results, WEN must be used every morning.

FAQ page: http://www.wen.com/faq.html

Need Wen? Go to: http://www.guthy-renker.com/products/beauty/wen-haircare/

How People Use Online Reviews


Every consumer is going to be different. Most want to feel they can trust the company before they invest their time and money. This is where online and facebook reviews come into play. Most consumers will not buy a product from a company who has gotten just one negative review. All it takes is one negative review.

We are hear to learn about how online reviews will either make or break a product line or company. Some studies were done rather recently on this. What was found in these studies were rather staggering.

1)88% have read reviews to determine the quality of a local business (vs. 85% in 2013)

2)About 9 out of 10 consumers are reading reviews online regularly. Which means that out of every 100 consumers, about 90 people or so look to reviews on a daily basis.

3)About 80% of all consumers read up to 10 reviews before making the choice to buy or not.


Some make due with the first ten, believing that ten is sufficient enough to cover their findings. Others feel they have to read more, sometimes reading up to 20 at a time. The point is, there is some sort of emotion there. Some equate this emotion to what the company is telling them. Others equate this emotion to how the feel after a friend personally recommends something.

Companies will also look to employ online reputation management companies too. ORM companies can help fix negative review problems. Oh and look – here are some online reputation management company reviews too – what a surprise!

Either way, emotion does play a vital role in a consumer’s choice. More people need to take the aspect of reviews more seriously. Now that doing things online has become the order of the day, more people are taking the time to read the reviews. If more companies took to heart the aspect that 7 out of 10 reviews reflected a positive influence over a product, they might increase their trust levels with their customers.

You can find out more about this online at the following site.

Reference: http://searchengineland.com/88-consumers-trust-online-reviews-much-personal-recommendations-195803

Image Recognition Software Technology Revolutionizing Business

Image recognition is a technology that allows the computer to input visual images and receive information. This new technology is being used in a variety of ways. Law enforcement is using it for social media and other image searches. Customers are using it to find out about products they like in the real world. Anyone can search an image they have and find any new or similar images on the internet.

Tech companies are finding ways to take this technology to another level. Can you image a car that processes real world images so the blind can safely drive themselves? We already have cars that park themselves, so it is a possibility. Large animal detection or collision detection are other features in the works that could help people minimize crashes.

Image recognition software is already revolutionizing the way people do business. Customers no longer have to wonder about the products they want. They do not have to type in words into a search bar, but they can search images to find the product they want. They can find if their image is on websites on the internet. Image recognition software is keeping up with our visual world.

Slyce offers their customers visual search technology that is helping to change the way customers do business. It allows for customer engagement on a whole new level. Slyce.it offers customers three different types of search engines, 1D, 2D, and 3D. The 1D search lets customers scan bar codes or QR codes to receive information. For 2D, billboards or magazine photos can be visually searched in order to find out more information on the product. The 3D is the coolest search engine. Do you like a girl’s handbag? Take a picture of it and you can find out about the product. Slyce takes it to the next level with customer engagement. 

Beneful is the Ultimate in Dog Food Variety

I am so glad that Nestle PurinaStore‘s Beneful has made a decision to create a plethora of different dog foods. This company has managed to become one of the most important brands in dog food variety today. I think that everyone that tries these out will discover that there are dog foods for all types of different needs.
For me, the Beneful Healthy Puppy was the thing that I would find most helpful when my dog gave birth to puppies. I know that I had to start with something that was nutritious. Building up a good foundation would be essential to helping these puppies grow up strong and healthy.

Dog food variety is strong with the Beneful brand. I have seen the Chopped Blends that come in a lot of different varieties as well. I think that the fruits and vegetables are amazing. The concept is unique, and it continues to be the food that my pets salivate over. There is never a time when I have food like the Chopped Blends that go to waste. This food is always well received by my dogs.

Beneful has certainly maintained the best type of dog food over the last several years because the producers of the food do not have any issue with stepping out on the edge. Everyone is trying to use vegetables in dog food now, but Beneful was one of the pioneers. There are more healthy snacks out there now, but Beneful was also one of the first brands that I had ever heard of that put healthy treats into the mix. See, https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/.

It is easy to recognize Beneful on Wal-Mart stores for the healthy brand that it is because the company has so many different flavors that are linked to healthy food. I think that the most interesting brand was the Beneful Healthy Weight.

I had never realized that dogs were capable of becoming obese until I discovered the Beneful Healthy Weight food. I know now, but I did not know before Beneful made me aware of this. I have used this for some of my obese dogs because it has fewer calories.

Modern and Manageable Diet Plan Personalized for You

Do you struggle with weight loss? Have trouble sticking to a diet? Join the Facebook group. Fortunately, NutriMost may be the solution to a new, slimmer, healthier you. NutriMost Doctors use advanced technology to examine the metabolic functions of every client on a cellular level, isolating hormones that increase fat burning and decrease fat storage. Most importantly, NutriMost focuses on longterm lifestyle changes that encourage clients to keep the weight off.
Ally Brown, medical assistant and client, said on a NY Fatloss interview she agrees that NutriMost is “… easy to follow. The results are so much more than weight loss,” she continues. “It’s internal… You have so much more energy.

According to NutriMost, meals are not pre-packaged, no pills or hormonal treatments are required, no workout plan is included, and, as Brown notes, you won’t have to go hungry.

Dr. Rob Vasquez of San Antonio, who lost more than 60 pounds through NutriMost, explains that while the body composition analysis may be the start, clients must commit to making real changes in their eating habits, replacing processed foods and sugars with organic foods and vegetables. Vasquez also notes that the specialized body scans will help NutriMost specialists to identify foods that help or hurt your individual weight loss efforts.

Founder of NutriMost, Dr. Ray Wisniewski, is based in Pittsburgh, but Doctors trained to implement his program are located in offices across the United States. More information about NutriMost can be found on their website: https://nutrimost.com/members/weightloss/.

FOX Focus: Lose weight with help from NutriMost, experts weigh in



Dick DeVos Takes Part In Sailing’s Gold Cup

Dick DeVos has been taking part in sailing events for most of his life, and he has recently taken part in the Gold Cup with some of his sailing mates. The race is a series of heats that all add up to find a winner, and he did well in the most recent edition of the Gold Cup. It is a time and place for him to show that he is more than just a businessman, and it showed that he is still very competitive.

Dick DeVos has a great history with Amway and other companies, and he has built a net work that allows him to take part in the sailing activities that he enjoyed as a younger man. DeVos role in the Gold Cup was as part of a crew on the boat, and they took that boat to other events later in the same event.

He currently manages Windquest Group and gives money to political campaigns that he believes in. He is very involved in his community, and he wants to make a change in the world by doing more than running a business. He is working in tandem with his investment team to make his ventures into the technology sector more profitable at the same time that he is working on his sailing. He is managing one of the best investment groups in the world at the same time that he is running with a very successful sailing team in worldwide events.

Dick DeVos is one of many men who has been using his wealth to pursue athletic feats. It takes a lot of bravery and skill to do these things, and he is going to help people learn that they can do whatever they want, too. He did not start at the top of Amway, but he worked his way to the top. He is an inspiration for people who are going to make a new life for themselves, and he is also an inspiration for sailors who want to be able to sail in the best races in the world. That makes Dick DeVos someone to follow in the future because he believes in community, entrepreneurship and athletic achievement.

Bustle Blogger Tries 7-Day WEN By Chaz Challenge

If you’ve never heard of WEN, then maybe you’re not concerned about healthy hair? We would all hope that everyone wants strong, shiny, manageable hair, and that is what the WEN system is all about. It is a no-shampoo method that popular LA stylist Chaz Dean developed to help people give up their regular shampoos full of harsh, hair-stripping chemicals and detergents. That’s why Bustle.com blogger Emily McClure was excited to try a WEN 7-day challenge for her fine, droopy locks.
WEN uses a one bottle dynamo that replaces the shampoo, conditioner, de-tangler, leave-in treatment and so forth. His special cleansing conditioners are used in the shower to clean the hair effectively, leaving it soft and glossy. His product line is so good, that Chaz Dean has not used shampoo on himself or his clients since 1993. Emily was hoping for the same great results, so she posted on facebook hair selfies each day to keep a log.

Emily used 10 pumps of cleansing conditioner suggested for her medium length hair, and she selected the Sephora advertised super moisturizing FIG cleanser.

Emily notes that as long as she adopted an every morning wash with WEN, her hair reacted ideally. One night, she decided to shower and use Wen that evening, because she prefers a nighttime routine, but her hair felt otherwise. The results were less than perfect; her hair felt greasy. Another day in the 7-day challenge, Emily skipped the WEN cleanse altogether, because she ran out of time, and her tresses looked flat and oily.

Emily admits that your hair needs to adapt to the WEN routine to see the best results. Visit http://www.allure.com/beauty-trends/blogs/daily-beauty-reporter/2016/03/liu-wen-model-interview.html for more information on Wen.

A Cursory Look at Visual Search Engines

A picture is worth a million words. The visual search technology is a brand new search algorithm on http://slyce.it/ that allows internet uses to use photos to search and identify a query. The advantages of this system are many. Take for example you have seen a particular object or a picture of a city and you would like to know the location of the city. Without knowing the name of a place or a word to describe finding the place one is querying would be an impossible task.

The technology also applies to people’s faces where the technology uses sophisticated facial reconstruction software to put the face to a name. This new search engine has won the hearts of people who use pictures to describe places and people. It can be used by clients who would have difficulty in explaining merchandise and particular services. The reconstruction software which was mostly availed to authorities has been availed to ordinary people. The system also can be availed to kids; this will enable them to learn about new things without describing them.

The world as we knew it has changed and so has the people. Most people do not have the time to read books or conduct verbal researchers. It is trite understanding that most people prefer using pictures since they are the ones that are forgotten last. Use of visual search engines has enabled people to search and identify pictures of places and people. The traditional model of basic search engines has changed and it is important for people to embrace the new software. It might sound complicated but it is actually simple and straight forward using different techniques to produce the desired effects.

Slyce is a Canadian search engine algorithm designer that is headquartered in Toronto. It is controlled by a parent holding company called Business Instinct Group. The company which is one of the pioneers of visual search techniques has developed a one of a kind platform that is fast and reliable. One of the advantages of using its search engines is business development. One might then wonder how this might be possible. Visual technology allows people who in this case might be potential customers identify with your products using only pictures.  How cool is that!