The Impact of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall in Brazil

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has changed the life of the people of Joao Pessoa people in many ways. To begin with, the occupants are the host of entertainment in Brazil. The people have embraced the mall and hung out here for fun with their families on weekends. Observation of leisure has increased the productivity of the people. This is because they get time to refresh and have a fresh beginning when they resume work. The mall has helped bond family members reducing the disagreements that are brought by not spending time together. Peace of mind is essential in work.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has also awakened the economic sector. Good infrastructure and good social amenities have attracted numerous investors in the community. The many investments, as well as the mall, have absorbed a large number of the community. Unemployment being a global problem, this is an advantage that can’t go unnoticed.

The many businesses in Joao Pessoa have brought about very many advantages. For example, the competition has led to the provision of quality products. Every investor must prove that their products are the best for the consumer. The increased substitutes have also encouraged fair pricing.

Roberto Santiago proved his strength in the business world, during the 2015 financial crisis. Many industries in the nation were closed down. The few that were left reduced their productivity to deal with the crisis. To the surprise of many, the Roberto Santiago’s investments remained stable all along.

Roberto Santiago has another mall that was launched in 2013, besides the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. This is the Mangeira Mall. Through the two malls, he has dominated the entertainment sector of Brazil. 58-year-old Santiago has promised to add more investments in the nation.

It is worthwhile to note that one reason the Roberto Santiago Maniara Mall is famous, is because of the Domus Hall. The Domus Hall was launched in 2009. It is built on the rooftop of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall.

The Domus hall can hold up to 14000 people.10000 standing individuals and 4000 sitting people. The air conditioning is conducive for everyone. The hall is soundproof. The lighting system and the auditory range are very classic.

The residents go to the Domus Hall to watch 3D movies. The experience is unforgettable and thrilling. You get to feel every emotion that the actor feels.

The Domus Hall has also attracted international artists. These are artists that would have otherwise not visited Brazil.

Final Verdict

The Roberto Santiago investments have benefited the whole nation at large. It is crucial that other investors base their investments in helping to improve the welfare of their people.

At the end of the day, they get the same results.


IDLife CEO Helped Hurricane Harvey Victims

Logan Stout, the face of IDLife a personalized health and nutrition product company has used his resources to help victims of hurricane Harvey. Logan Stout’s first way of helping victims was by volunteering warehouse space. After doing so he decided it would be more helpful for him to deliver boats and trucks that were filled with everyday essential items that victims of the hurricane could need. Logan Stout is not only a successful man, but he is also a great mentor for young adults who are looking to be not only successful but helpful to those in need.

Logan Stout is the CEO of IDLife. IDlife provides personalized health products to customers who are looking to reach their goals with the help of supplements and things they need for their nutrition. IDLife makes it easier for people to reach their goals but something about IDLife makes people who have success want to give back and help others reach their goals also. IDLife sells many different products but one of their products is their pre-and post-workout shakes. Sense many people who use IDLife have a workout that they participate in daily workout shakes are essential to their nutrition. There are two different flavors of pre-and post-workout shakes strawberry kiwi and berry. IDLife also has post workout and pre-workout sticks that provide customers with a single serving per each stick of the shake mix. The sticks provide customers the ability to have a shake on the go because they can be conveniently put in a purse or a pocket. Along with the workout shakes IDLife also sells products for boosting energy, staying lean, appetite control, hydration, skin care, and even activity trackers.

If you have been curious about IDLife it is recommended to take their free health assessment to determine which products will work best for you. If you are looking to achieve weight loss you will probably be matched with a wide variety of products one being appetite control because when you go to lose weight, chances are you will have to eat less food than you normally would eat when you aren’t on a diet. If your problem is not having enough energy you are most likely to be matched with energy sticks and energy drinks made by IDLife. IDLife also sells snack bars that are low calorie options compared to other things that are sold in stores in order to curb hunger.

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Desiree Perez’s Endeavors at Roc Nation

The $150 million Jay Z deal with Live National is almost coming to an end. This will enable the reputable rapper to take up his share at Roc Nation. Jay Z signed the 10-year contract with Live Nation back in 2008. Live Nation purchased Jay Z’s copyright and recorded music for a period of ten years. Jay Z and Live Nation will either sell their Roc Nation stake to the other or buy it. Live Nation will be leaving the recorded music business but might still work with Jay Z although their deal has neither been extended nor renewed. Live Nation wants to continue with their touring deal with the rapper.

Roc Nation boasts having several talented and successful musicians including Rihanna, Fat Joe, Shakira and Meek Mill not forgetting Jay Z. Jay Z and his Roc Nation counterpart Desiree Perez recently had a meeting with Lucian Grainge, the CEO and Chairman of the Universal Music Group (UMG). UMG could be buying Jay Z’ stakes in Roc Nation. The purchase could give the rapper an opportunity to nurture new artists and boost Tidal, his streaming services which is currently competing with Apple Music as well as Spotify in the industry.

Desiree Perez commonly known as Des Perez is the current Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. She has been holding the position since 2009. Being among the executive officers at ROC Nation, Desiree has been involved in labeling operations, publishing, and management operations at the recording studio. She runs the operations of Roc Nation alongside other people and collectively they are referred to as the Hover Circle of Influence. The other people include Jay Brown and Jana Fleischman. Desiree Perez has been a close associate to Jay Z for almost two decades. She is a fearless negotiator and has a history of sealing groundbreaking deals in the music industry. She sealed a deal between Rihanna and Samsung.

The Caring Dr. Imran Haque is at Your Service

Imran Haque M.D. is based in Asheboro, North Carolina where he practices medicine at the Horizon Internal Medicine facility. His received his medical qualifications from the University of Virginia. In Santo Domingo, he earned his medical degree from Universidad Iberoamericana or UNIBE.

Dr. Imran Haque has been examining, diagnosing and treating patients for more than 15 years. He started his own business so people could experience a good bedside manner and medical services usually not offered to their communities. The patients under his care were more than satisfied with the care they received.

Technology excites Dr. Imran Haque because it has helped to improve HealthCare. Computer Programs have been developed and designed to record sensitive and confidential information such as recommended treatments, insurance information, office visits, and inventory.

His career involves being an Entrepreneur where multitasking is necessary for him to complete his daily tasks and it’s as normal to him as breathing. It doesn’t matter to Imran Haque what a person’s background is and he still treats everyone with respect and kindness.

His business has grown from building professional and interpersonal connections, and the positive reviews spoken by word of mouth.

He decided to stick to the business of medicine because he knew how the HealthCare Industry worked. He wasn’t going to repeat the failures of his textile and sock business.

Dr. Imran is an Internist whose expertise and medical knowledge has increased throughout the years. He has offices in Ramseur and Asheboro North Carolina. He offers his patients Diabetes Management, Weight Management services, Laser Hair Removal, Venus Body Contours, 360 Resurfacing and regular physicals.

Imran Haque M.D. also practices Primary Care and has the knowledge and experience when and where to send a patient to a specialist. Many of the Ultrasounds and Laboratory services can be performed in his office.

He attended the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program and is currently enrolled in the Maintenance Certification Program for Internal Medicine commonly known as MOC. Imran Haque M.D. continues his education in his field of Internal Medicine. The physicians are educated in the changes of medical techniques, and scientific breakthroughs and personal care of the patients.

SahmAdrangi Makes Great Advancements to Improve Investment Opportunities at Kerrisdale Capital Management

The architect and current chief executive officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, SahmAdrangi is a degree holder in Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He owes his excellent knowledge in business and management to Yale University. He is the driving force behind the company’s remarkable achievements over the years by making sure that all departments are running successfully and at per. SahmAdrangi is passionate about biotechnology research, and he has focused on ensuring that information about the research is published especially for drug companies such as Pulse Biosciences and Sage Therapeutics just to mention a few.

He commenced his profession at Deutsche Bank and then joined the Chanin Capital Partners. While serving at these financial institutions, he earned a lot of knowledge and skills that propelled him even to work and lead at many other companies such as Longrace Management. Additionally, he gives motivational and success speeches at business conferences, workshops and even seminars where he helps other entrepreneurs and investors gain the insight on how to go about their business operations.

He has shown so much commitment and passion for everything he does hence getting the attention of news reporters who have interviewed him about his success story and how he has management rise and shine as a leader in the many organizations he has worked with despite the challenges. His experiences have helped so many people who want to thrive in business. His company has been so far the best in purchasing stocks because of how he has been organizing the departments of the company to ensure that the company gets maximum profits. These funds are used in buying stocks for the company.

The company has managed to make huge profits on the hedge funds that they put forward in the purchase of stocks. This has consequently increased the profit margins that the company has been building over the previous financial years. In return, they have managed to attract many more investors who are interested in doing business with them hence improving the company’s ranking in the world of investments. The company, therefore, is assured of brighter future for their businesses considering how they have managed to attract a lot of investments.

Dr. David Samadi Launched a Health-Based Show to Create Awareness About Health and Wellness

Dr. David Samadi is one of the most well-known prostate cancer experts in the United States and is often seen on the TV channels as a medical contributor. He currently serves as the Robotic Surgery Chief and Chairman of Urology at the highly reputed Lenox Hill Hospital at the New York City. Dr. David Samadi has started many initiatives in the past to improve the awareness about the prostate cancer screenings and to help the people who are suffering from prostate cancer or has survived prostate cancer to deal with post-treatment anxiety and trauma. Dr. David Samadi feels that the Prostate Cancer is amongst the highly curable cancer and that people don’t have to die due to it, but to achieve it, people have to be well-aware about the importance of screening for prostate cancer. He has dealt with many cases in his life where people had started receiving treatment for prostate cancer at a stage when it is too late and could have been quickly recovered had the patient received medical treatment earlier on.

He has been a medical contributor to the Fox News Channel for many years. To create awareness about the medical subjects he specializes in as well as any and all kinds of trending medical topics, he recently announced a medical based on Fox News named “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi”. The show is meant to educate people about the many health mistakes that we make in our daily lives as well as provide accurate and reliable information and updates about different health and medical subjects. As television is a common format of passing on the information, he believes that the show would be of great help in sending the critical health and wellness related news, updates, and education to the people.

The show would be telecast on every Sunday at 12.30 PM Eastern Time, and viewers can watch the show on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and the official broadcast site of Dr. David Samadi named The show is meant to cover a comprehensive range of health issues, and each episode would feature a guest from the different discipline of medical sciences. It would help in providing the viewers with a diverse range of information that would create awareness and help them lead a quality life while focusing on their health and wellness. Dr. David Samadi has given an open invitation to the medical professionals with experience to write to him to be invited as the guest on his show.

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Business Championing with Jeremy Goldstein’s Knock-Out Options

Jeremy Goldstein, founder and partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC, a law firm focused on advising compensation committees he has fourteen-years’ lawyer experience at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz.



Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in the largest corporate transactions such as the Goodrich acquisition by United Technologies in addition to being associated with renowned companies like AT&T, Chevron, and Merck. Additional feathers to his cap include skills in corporate law, governance, mergers and acquisitions, startups and securities regulations.



It is with this vast knowledge that Jeremy Goldstein brought about ‘knock-out’ options which aim to allow corporations to get the most out of stock options for their employees. Most firms result in dropping stock options with the aim of saving money, avoiding the risk of overhang due to decrease in stock value and avoiding considerable accounting burdens. In other cases, the employees tend to prefer higher salaries at the expense of the stock options.



According to Jeremy Goldstein, all the above can be controlled by the ‘knock-out’ options. These are quite similar to the conventional options but can be lost in the event of a drop in the firm’s share value below a certain threshold and upon remaining low for at least a week. Non-employee investors, therefore, avoid overhang threats from options that cannot be exercised while serving as a great incentive to employees having them ensure the share value doesn’t plummet.



Stock options are advantageous to firms when the right strategy is applied in their implementation. Advice from experts such as Jeremy Goldstein does go a long way in the perfect introduction of knock-out options to firms for a more productive outcome.


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Jason Hope an Entrepreneur with a Passion for Technology and Biotechnologies

Jason Hope is passionate about technology with an outlook as a futurist and an entrepreneur. Mr. Hope is known for his vision in technology and as a Scottsdale, Arizona resident he gives back to the community and is a charitable donor. Jason Hope attended Arizona State University where he earned a degree in finance and then attended the W.P. Carey School of Business earning an MBA degree.

One of Mr. Hope’s passions is technology and he is an entrepreneur in the global scientific community of rejuvenation of biotechnologies in the field of age-related disease. He has donated a half million dollars to the SENS Foundation, a California company that develops and promotes extensive access to rejuvenation biotechnologies.

In the world of technology and futurists, Mr. Hope has written and been a commentator on tech trends and the Internet of Things. His extensive comments and writings about the Internet of Things have placed him as one of the tech industry experts. The Internet of Things as he explains is connecting technology with devices to sync with other things used in daily life, whether it is appliances or street lights and even cars. He believes in the future this will be a technology advance that will be very important for businesses since it is smart technology. He cites the changes that are already taking place with public transportation and it will get better with new technology advances to monitor maintenance issues for buses and trains, real-time mapping of routes so buses can avoid hazards on the road. The end result he believes is public transportation will be safer, cause less pollution and avoid traffic accidents. He says GPS tracking will be improved to be accurate.

One of the things Mr. Hope has set up is a grant program for young students or entrepreneurs for startups as he says the future of technology depends on new ideas. Mr. Hope in the early days of his career he created Jawa a mobile communications company and now has a portfolio of technology companies. His portfolio includes Marketing Services like SEO, Digital Media Solutions, and others including Computer Information Systems and Interactive Software.

If asked what he spent money on that he felt was a good buy Mr. Hope feels this would be Under Armour Gemini 2 shoes that are the Internet of Things friendly since they track fitness progress. Next, he says mobile applications because they keep his business projects and other things organized.


Wild Ark Protecting the Biodiversity of the Planet

Wild Ark is an organization of nature-loving protectors of the wild places on the planet who have the mission to preserve the biodiversity of the world such as animals and vegetation.


The organization has been in motion for more than twenty years. It was created by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson who grew up loving the great outdoors. Wild Ark has been working on many projects that have increased the population of wildlife and has protected species from extinction. One of the recent projects is with the Macquarie University. The two partners will be doing extensive research with the mission of identifying the top 100 umbrella species in the world. The preservation and expansion of those species might help significantly in the overall conservation and

the increase of the biodiversity all around the world.


Wild Ark created opportunities for people to experience nature and wildlife up close and to reconnect with the great outdoors. That inspires many people to support the causes of Wild Ark and to strive toward making a difference in their daily lives. The support allows the organization to increase their abilities to conserve and expand the population of animals and plant species.


Mark Hutchinson, one of the founders of Wild Ark has been dedicated to educating and inspiring people to protect the wildlife and take care of nature the best they can. Mark Hutchinson achieved his higher education first from the University of Sydney from which he graduated with a bachelor’s degree n Economics. After that, he also attended the INSEAD Business School and graduated with an M. B. A. Mark Hutchinson also completed studies n Conservation Biology graduating with a master’s degree from the Macquarie University. Mark Hutchinson was born and raised in Sydney, Austalia. He spent the better part of his life out in the wild and now that is also his life’s mission.


Sophie Hutchinson has since early youth had a strong love towards nature and the untamed outdoors. Some of her common childhood pastimes include hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, and boating ( Her frequent explorations of life in her youth inspired her to study naturopathy during her early adulthood.



Sawyer Howitt – Entrepreneur And Business Professional

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur who currently works for Meriwether Group as their project manager. He has many years of experience in the financial industry and has proved to the world that he knows how to run a successful business. In his most recent findings, he has found that people like to interact with their top brands in thoughtful ways.

Aside from his financial experience, he is also very focused on customer service and understands that its an essential part of every business. Howitt also dedicates much of his time to many charities while participating in several youth programs. He is also involved in organizations that recognize women’s rights and international ethnic study groups.

Howitt started working for Meriwether Group in 2017, which is a company that his father owns, David Howitt. The company is based in Portland, Oregon where they offer many financial business transactions and international expansion. Howitt’s responsibilities are consulting, presentations, building spreadsheets and working with clients. He has worked with executives prior to working for Meriwether Group and is a valuable asset to the company.

Howitt has been very successful in his field and offers many different types of tips for others who wish to advance in their entrepreneurial business. He feels that now is a great time to start a business because it’s quite easy to get the attention of investors. It’s also easier than ever to get a small business loan to get the business started. There are also many different types of available office space options to choose from. His latest research, aside from his business, portrays the acknowledgment that many people have an opinion about millennials. Many times they stereotype them and feel they can be lazy and unprofessional. Howitt has set out to prove them wrong and show the corporate world that millennials can be very beneficial to the community. Sawyer Howitt advises many millennials to change their behavior and let older business professionals portray them by letting them know their value. Like all professionals, millennials must work hard and effectively in order to show they’re capable of doing a good job. Eventually, the corporate world will change their mind and the stereotype will diminish.