Fabletics: Creatively Leveraging the Power of the Crowd

It is truly where when a fresh, young company sees such as accelerated growth as athletic wear brand Fabletics has seen in the past few years. While founded in 2013, the company has already surpassed annual sales numbers of other companies that have been in the game for a decade or more. Fabletics now has over one million monthly members that receive a stylish athletic outfit from Fabletics delivered to their door every month. The company also boasts over $250 million in sales.


What Does Fabletics Do Differently?

When Kate Hudson co-founded Fabletics with TechStyle Group, they wanted the company to disrupt the way people buy athletic wear. Prior to Fabletics women had to choose between quality athletic wear that was typically functional and unstylish, or stylish trends that were often either low quality. There was also brands that had athletic wear that was expensive and offered little selection.


Fabletics decided to focus on its online presence to grow its membership base. They selected a membership model. This means that instead of going online and continually browsing for one item, members receive a full outfit each month delivered to their home. One big consumer trend is for people to sit online and browse through clothing inventory only to hop over to another site to check for lower prices or different variations. The result of this trend is a lot of virtual shopping bags that end up sitting full and no purchase is ever made. Fabletics took a different direction and in doing so, has become the darling of the athletic wear world.


How Fabletics Uses the Power of the Crowd

Fabletics wanted members to feel like they were truly part of a community of other members. Their social media presence is highly interactive with fans, even offering to share user-generated content with its hundreds of thousand so followers. While social media is a cornerstone of Fabletics marketing strategy, the company also leverages the power of online reviews to build trust and grow its membership base.

Today’s consumer trusts online reviews as much as they trust a referral from a friend. Today’s consumer also typically checks online reviews before purchasing anything from a new dress to a new car to gauge how others feel about their purchases. By leveraging the power of these online reviews, potential Fabletics members can see thousands of others who are happy with their membership and specific outfits. It is no secret that people trust the word of thousands of people just like themselves over the word of one person.


Fabletics also leverages the power of the crowd by encouraging users to share photos of themselves in their Fabletics outfits with a common hashtag. By searching this hashtag on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, potential members an see thousands of real people who have been satisfied with their outfits. They can also get a better idea of how Fabletics outfits look in real life. All of these things help to build trust with Fabletics and to encourage people to become members.