Dr. Clay Siegall: A Legend of Cancer Therapies and CEO of Seattle Genetics

To fully elaborate Dr. Siegall career path in genetics and cancer therapeutics would take a whole day, but an executive summary to it begun when he was still a young man studying zoology at the University of Maryland. To his bright mind, the field of medicine always interested him profoundly. He was always left wondering of the powers that would be unleashed if technology could be applied entirely in trying to overcome diseases in the medical world. The area of cancer treatment became a specific interest of his when soon after a family member of his was diagnosed with cancer while still at the university. He brutally became aware of the dangerous treatment regiments that were given to his relative when the family almost lost their life. This was a turning point for in his life, and as a result, he felt the desire to try and help other patients who were suffering the same kind of brutal treatment regiments.

This propelled him to pursue his Ph.D. later in genetics at George Washington University, and as an accomplished scientist, his main area of emphasis lay in targeted cancer therapies. It’s because of this that Dr. Clay went on to establish Seattle Genetics in 1998. Dr. Clay built it on the strong foundation that exerted scientific innovativeness, conducting thorough investigations and the practices of drug development intended for the one and only principle of assisting patients. The Seattle Genetics company began small with a very skeletal number of employees, but Dr. Clay was able to steer it into a very successful cancer research center.

Seattle Genetics launched its first FDA- approved antibody drug conjugate (ADCs). The firm has gone on to developed more than 20 other drugs with a growing list of extremely promising drugs being development. Dr. Clay further went on to help the firm in signing strategic partnership agreements with other drug manufacturers such as Bayer, Pfizer, Genentech and much more. Dr. Clay Siegall also worked at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, and he also had the opportunity to work at the National Cancer Institute, and again at National Institute of Health. Currently, Dr. Clay serves on the Boards of Directors of Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals.