IAP Worldwide Services Integrates A&L and TCNS Business Units

According to a PRNewswire of November 5th, 2015, IAP Worldwide Services acquired two DRS Technologies’ business units. They include Oklahoma City-based Aviation and Logistics (A&L) and the Aberdeen Proving Ground-based Tactical Communications & Network Solutions (TCNS) businesses. TCNS specializes in IT, engineering, and communication support to the U.S. Defense Department whereas A&L provides logistics, aviation, and mission support services on kayescholer.com. With the acquired A&L and TCNS, IAP Worldwide Services will integrate exceptional technology networking and aircraft repair services as part of its growth strategy.

As pointed out by IAP’s CEO, Doug Kitani, the acquired TCNS and A&L will increase IAP’s capabilities to provide personalized services to its customers across the world and extend its addressable market by more than double. The acquired DRS Technologies’ business units will integrate with IAP’s existing National Security Program Unit to form a new unit, Aviation & Engineering Solutions. The acquisition of DRS Technologies’ business units brings an added layer of expertise inevitable for expanding IAP’s portfolio of services and solutions to its customers at http://www.hoovers.com/company-information/cs/company-profile.iap_worldwide_services_inc.68d266a50b1a02b6.html.

Kitani noted that the acquisition strategy was established in 2015 based on organic and inorganic growth. Organic growth is realized through continuous invention, focus on customer needs, and adopting the lean concept whereas inorganic growth is realized by integrating business units with shared business values. The acquired A&L and TCNS demonstrate IAP’s long-term commitment to providing custom-tailored services on thestreet.com to its government customers and support from the company’s shareholders and board members.

About IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is a global-level provider of logistical and technical services and solutions using proven technology and expertise. With over 2,000 employees IAP Worldwide Services is the world’s leader in supplying advanced technicians, professional services, and global-scale logistics. IAP engages the unexpected occurrences ranging from natural calamities and mission support services. Using its extensive background in planning and implementing technical and logistical projects, IAP Worldwide Services responds at a moment of notice.

IAP’s personnel are experts in maintaining and managing temporary military installations, remote research laboratories, and civilian facilities. For over 60 years in operation, IAP Worldwide Services has gained an edge in business, having ranked as a reliable, responsive market leader not only meeting but exceeding clients desires. Logistical and technical problems that keep IAP’s customers restless are the same that motivates its personnel to work extra harder. At IAP, customers’ missions are highly regarded. IAP channels its passion and experience to provide innovative solutions and unique solutions that meet specific client’s needs.

IAP Worldwide – An Impressive Entity

When IAP Worldwide comes to the fore, the communities across the world know that they will get the very best in ingenuity and dedication when a difficult task is need to be performed. That is because, they are able to complete the impossible, and always expect the unexpected events that happen. Their presence around the globe has helped with many disasters providing an exemplary, humanitarian effort that helps the people in many ways.

About The Company

The company has been in existence for over 60 years. They have over 2,000 employees that are dedicated to assisting in any type of event that they are called upon to complete. There are many places that they will go to that other companies will not. Since they have the ability and technology to complete these types of missions, they go to various military installations. IAP Worldwide provide technological help and advanced healthcare whenever it is needed. Since they have over $375,000,000 in government contracts, they are trusted by many different companies with work that needs to be completed. They are always focused on what they are accomplishing making their missions total successes in every way. The communities across the globe respect their know-how and knowledge, and utilize them when they need them.

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The Internal Makeup Of IAP Worldwide

There is a leadership team at IAP Worldwide that is well known in the field. They are held in the highest regard because they are respectful and practice with integrity. Their employees know that they are in the best company because they are treated well and always encouraged to learn more and do better. There are over 2,000 employees that complete duties on a regular basis by using their knowledge to the fullest extent possible. The team that is created works well together on a variety of missions that are presented to them on a regular basis.

The company is respected across the globe because of their abilities and dedication. They always are there to help when they are needed because of their unique approach to their business and the world as a whole. Integrity being at the forefront of their company, they go forth every day to succeed at what they are called upon to do making them a desired force that the world respects. Success will continue to be a part of their future because they have the ability to complete what they have set out to do in every way.

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Discover The Benefits Of IAP For World Events

IAP Worldwide has proudly served over 25 communities worldwide with over 2,000+ employees on their team. They are there to back you when you need a small army or a reliable power structure. They are committed to meeting the needs of a diverse group of people suffering from global issues. They make the needs of their clients the reason for getting up early each moment. They are a friendly team of professionals that are trained and equipped to handle a natural disaster. Things have at the spare of the moment and they are prepared to meet your direct needs in an instant at IAP Worldwide.

A crisis situation requires go to leadership that aren’t afraid to tackle any tasks. They can operate from many stationary areas including military bases to small communities. Get the desired issues that you need when you need them at any location. More importantly, government contract vehicles help them extend their coverage and focus on national defense. The government is one of their top clients for many global-scale issues that mankind faces on a daily basis. Visit IAP Worldwide for more program information and details. Get the management or program details that you need with a focus on excellency of service.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Employer Salary, Average Salaries

There are many challenges in the world that center around national security. It takes a qualified professional to master many tasks and obligations placed on their clients. They specialize in making the impossible possible for real customers when they need it. IAP takes pride in engaging in the unexpected. They’ve built a reputation for being responsive and a strong market of leaders. They define success only when the needs of their customers are met. This is how they show their gratitude to the thousands of people that utilize their service each year.

A recent article in the Huffington Post has highlighted their talents. The ultimate goal of their clientele becomes their goal. They have also partnered with many key businesses around the world. They tackle each job with conviction and passion. You can even get help through a remote research laboratory. You get superior program management in a moments notice. You’ll get superior technological and a strong team of professionals that want your expected outcome to become the solution to your problems. Don’t tackle unexpected world crisis without a team of trained professionals there to assist you. Visit IAP for more program details and information.

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