Image Recognition Software Technology Revolutionizing Business

Image recognition is a technology that allows the computer to input visual images and receive information. This new technology is being used in a variety of ways. Law enforcement is using it for social media and other image searches. Customers are using it to find out about products they like in the real world. Anyone can search an image they have and find any new or similar images on the internet.

Tech companies are finding ways to take this technology to another level. Can you image a car that processes real world images so the blind can safely drive themselves? We already have cars that park themselves, so it is a possibility. Large animal detection or collision detection are other features in the works that could help people minimize crashes.

Image recognition software is already revolutionizing the way people do business. Customers no longer have to wonder about the products they want. They do not have to type in words into a search bar, but they can search images to find the product they want. They can find if their image is on websites on the internet. Image recognition software is keeping up with our visual world.

Slyce offers their customers visual search technology that is helping to change the way customers do business. It allows for customer engagement on a whole new level. offers customers three different types of search engines, 1D, 2D, and 3D. The 1D search lets customers scan bar codes or QR codes to receive information. For 2D, billboards or magazine photos can be visually searched in order to find out more information on the product. The 3D is the coolest search engine. Do you like a girl’s handbag? Take a picture of it and you can find out about the product. Slyce takes it to the next level with customer engagement. 

A Cursory Look at Visual Search Engines

A picture is worth a million words. The visual search technology is a brand new search algorithm on that allows internet uses to use photos to search and identify a query. The advantages of this system are many. Take for example you have seen a particular object or a picture of a city and you would like to know the location of the city. Without knowing the name of a place or a word to describe finding the place one is querying would be an impossible task.

The technology also applies to people’s faces where the technology uses sophisticated facial reconstruction software to put the face to a name. This new search engine has won the hearts of people who use pictures to describe places and people. It can be used by clients who would have difficulty in explaining merchandise and particular services. The reconstruction software which was mostly availed to authorities has been availed to ordinary people. The system also can be availed to kids; this will enable them to learn about new things without describing them.

The world as we knew it has changed and so has the people. Most people do not have the time to read books or conduct verbal researchers. It is trite understanding that most people prefer using pictures since they are the ones that are forgotten last. Use of visual search engines has enabled people to search and identify pictures of places and people. The traditional model of basic search engines has changed and it is important for people to embrace the new software. It might sound complicated but it is actually simple and straight forward using different techniques to produce the desired effects.

Slyce is a Canadian search engine algorithm designer that is headquartered in Toronto. It is controlled by a parent holding company called Business Instinct Group. The company which is one of the pioneers of visual search techniques has developed a one of a kind platform that is fast and reliable. One of the advantages of using its search engines is business development. One might then wonder how this might be possible. Visual technology allows people who in this case might be potential customers identify with your products using only pictures.  How cool is that!