Using Securus Technologies to Bring Suspects to Justice

The most challenging part of law enforcement is being able to get a suspect off the street who is obviously committing crimes but skirting the law. Whether they are hiding in plain sight or making sure to keep the evidence from the law, we have to work that much harder to keep the streets safe. One suspect in particular was really a problem for law enforcement because we knew he was committing crimes, but he would either slip by us or change his identity and get away just before we could catch him.


On one occasion, the suspect was caught with a truck full of stolen merchandise, but a glitch in the check-in system didn’t connect him with prior convictions, so he was released before me and my team was able to get to the jail to confirm it was our suspect. Little things like this gave the suspect a false sense of security, and he began ramping up his criminal activities.


On a hunch, I decided to check the jail to see if this suspect had any close associates we could interrogate. At the same time, Securus Technologies was training the corrections officers on the new inmate call system installed. I decided this would be the perfect way to listen to chatter and not let the inmates in on the fact we were trying to gather information on our suspect. These inmates simply love to brag about their crimes, and today was no different.


While monitoring the Securus Technologies inmate call system, we picked up on the chatter we were hoping for. The suspect had just robbed again and was looking for a place to unload his latest haul. The inmate directed him to an associate to fence his stuff, and luckily we got there and made the arrest with the suspect caught red-handed.


Securus Video Visitation changes Prison visitation services

Being put behind bars for crime hits many people hard when they realize that they have lost their freedom. However, it comes as a big shock to families too when they realized that the closeness to their loved ones has been stopped. Communication comes up as the only solution to build and maintain such relationships. The only limiting factor involved is the cost to ensure perfect communication. One can schedule several visits to correction facilities. On the other hand, there are video visitation programs that have proved to be highly beneficial. Securus Technologies is the company behind video visitation programs.


The company has availed the video visitation through a web-based application. The software has made inmate visitation possible on a daily basis. The only requirement is that one has a reliable and constant instant access. With a home internet, one can access the application through their home visitation application. Taking into account the convenience that comes with using the application, there is no limit to the number of visitors possible through the video call. One can communicate with their friends and family every day. The inmate will remain continually updated with the happenings and events within the family. Securus Technologies has benefited the society as a whole and in an individual level. I believe that the program ensures reduction of crimes. Inmates that have a sense of belonging to their families have always shown a greater possibility of rehabilitating.


The software comes in the form of multi-purpose terminal screens installed at specific locations in correction facilities. The systems are installed in correction facilities to allow communication to inmates without the need of transportation. Many correctional facilities are moving away from traditional visitation and encouraging people to use the video visitation program.


I find that the video visitation program has been able to improve security in correction facilities. The software makes use of an automated list that includes banned visitors and those that are allowed. The list ensures that people who are not supposed to get in touch with inmates remain away. The system automatically denies anyone who is not included on the visitation list.


The program has been highly beneficial to bringing families together during the festive Christmas season. Inmates can watch and participate in a few activities within the home. Apart from the festive season, one can share other moments with their families like birthdays. A father can take part in the growth of their child by watching football practices and even bedtime stories.



Securus Technologies Responds to the False GTL Allegations

Securus Technologies is a prisoner service provider that ensures proper convicts service delivery across its correctional facilities. Securus released responses to the GTL press release on 7th June 2016. Securus maintains that the GTL’s declarations contained various statements which Securus finds misleading and inaccurate. This article talks about some of the clarifications that Securus made concerning the false allegations.


GTL had earlier claimed that the United States Appeals Board and Patent Trial had agreed on the decision for the company to seek injunctions and damages against Securus Technologies. GTL argued that PTAB had further validated the decision and the court case was still pending in the Texas federal court. Securus maintained that GTL was not authorized to seek legal relief due to the overstayed GTL Texas federal court case. Securus Technologies then declared its move for the patent rehearing. The case was not valid, and therefore, GTL could not seek injunction or damages.


GTL claimed that Securus Technologies patent board sealed most of its charges that guard Securus Technologies visitation technology tender. This was with reference to the extra GTL assertion. Securus holds that while the PTAB failed to review all the allegations, GTL was only over-asserting one allegation which is free from the reliable claims of the copyright court case. GTL had also opposed and claimed their satisfaction by the PTAB’s determination that the copyright originality was untrustworthy.


Securus Technologies gave the rightful answers to this allegation by stating that the copyrights board did not determine the claimed allegations as false. It concluded that the board would make a review of the asserted claims. The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies is Richard A. Smith. He stated that GTL knew the copyright related litigations would take several years and would cost multi-million dollars. He supplemented that the court case pursued by GTL did not show any form of reasonable financial interests and practice from the GTL Company.


Securus Technologies Upgrades Its Video Visitation Technology

The inmate communication industry has grown to attain recommendable innovations that have seen inmates participate in their family issues. Securus Technologies, a leading service provider of inmate communication services and other civil and criminal justice technology, has transformed video visitation to a communication platform where incarcerated parents play a vital role in their children’s upbringing.


For instance, parents who are incarcerated can help their children at home in a wide range of educational matters like helping them with their homework and career guidance. This is among the best technological advancements introduced to the correctional facilities as it has ensured that inmates’ relatives and inmates can not only communicate but can also feel united.


The advanced video visitation can be accessed through iPhones, iPads, and desktop computers. Depending on a correctional facility’s regulations, families can schedule the visitations at their convenient time while they stay at home.


Technological developments from Securus Technologies reduce recidivism, improve security within and outside jail facilities, connect loved ones separated by correctional facility, and aid in preparation for inmates’ life after their stay in prison. It has been established that the prisoners who have access to the services have reduced chances of being incarcerated again.


The inmate communication industry had been redundant for so long. Most communication channels were outdated and contact between detainees and their relatives was seemingly difficult. However, since 1986 when Securus Technologies was established, communication technology within correctional facilities has not only improved but also grown to incorporate highly sophisticated systems that have proved useful in enhancing inmates’ rehabilitation.


Securus Technologies boasts of a robust team of experts who have exceptional experience in developing all kinds of technology that suits all the needs of the civil and criminal justice industry. To back up their team, Securus Technologies collaborates with different companies that provide various technical services.


Due to the quality of service, Securus Technologies is recognized as the leading service provider of inmate communication services in the United States and Canada. It serves more than 2200 jail centers holding close to 1,200,000 prisoners. Besides inmate contact, they provide other services like biometric analysis, investigation, inmate welfare services and much more. Their services are designed to address the needs of inmates and correctional facility management.


Securus Technologies is based in United Stated with its main offices in Dallas. The company runs its operations in other regions from other regional offices located in Carrollton, Allen, and Atlanta.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.