David McDonald, OSI Group President

David McDonald is the President and CEO of OSI Group, which has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. McDonald has a BS degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University that he received in 1987. McDonald also has served as Chairman of the North American Meat Institute and formerly as Project Manager with OSI Industries, according to the website, Crunchbase.com.

The company, OSI Group, is said to be global in nature but influenced by regional strictures. These include cultural nuance, government regulations, available talent and consumer taste buds. The company is comprised of an international network of personnel who work out of nearly 50 facilities in nearly 18 countries internationally. Thus, global scale combined with local solutions may well describe the work model for OSI Group.

The company supplies “value-added protein items” such as beef patties and sausage links to leading food services and retail brands. Furthermore, its food producers also manufacture pizzas and sandwiches as well. Expansion has been occurring in Europe as well as China. In August 2016, “Food News” reported that OSI Group acquired the food manufacturer, Baho Foods, noted for producing deli meats and convenience foods. Baho Foods has plants in Germany and the Netherlands and distributes to several European countries. The managing director of Baho Foods viewed this as a positive for both companies to jointly realize goals, and David McDonald valued the broadening scope OSI Group would have in Europe.

The company has been present in China for 20 years, but has plans to further expand operations in two selected counties.

In a recent interview, David McDonald told Chicago-based “CEOCFO Magazine” “Our relentless push to improve and deliver more to our customers drives our growth.” McDonald gave the practical example of a menu item not performing well in a given region. The result might be a shared collaboration between the OSI Group chefs and product development to examine the problem. Then, look for areas to refine the product to make it appealing to consumers. Ultimately, this leads to an innovative unique solution.

McDonald says at the company risk taking is encouraged; learning from failure is essential.

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