A new technique to counter diseases that lead to aging by Jason Hope

Jason Hope has had decades of experience in the investment industry, and he is loaded with tips and strategies for the budding entrepreneurs. First and foremost, he shares the fundamental approach to every successful businessperson or investor out there. Jason Hope says that the ability to focus on a single task, goal or event is the initial step to becoming successful. As a result, he discourages those that jump from one idea to another without giving maximum concentration on any of them.

Another Challenge that Jason Hope identifies among the young investors is the lack of ability to bring their ideas to life. Time and again, his advice has always been anchored on the fact that one has to keep things simple and candid. It will then be easy to break it down into doable steps and procedures that anyone with essential knowledge and skills can understand and implement without dilly-dallying.

The Arizona State University graduate studied finance. While at the W.P. Carey School of Business, he acquired an MBA as well. Immediately he completed studies, Jason chose to enter into the business experience where he honed his entrepreneurial skills to become one of the best and admired investor, futurist as well as a respected philanthropist.

Jason contributed to an array of charitable organizations including the SENS foundation – a non-profit organization which supported research programs against aging. In the year 2010, Hope donated close to $500,000 to SENS foundation. The organization’s mission is to develop, promote and see to it that rejuvenating measures that improve the ability to address disorders related to aging are made possible.

The strategy propelled by Jason Hope was different from the general medical community in the sense that, the medical community focused on the treatment of the condition once the signs had appeared while Jason concentrates on a research-oriented strategy. The result of the research would be a scenario whereby the disease would be prevented and treated once and for all. Besides, it would offer a better understanding of the condition to a whole new level.

The SENS organization had brought significant changes that reasoned out many ways to treat the disease by breaking down systems within the human body. He has always been speaking out to people sharing out his love and passion for the rejuvenation technology conducted by the organization. Also, he would explain that the result is a society in which every individual will have a fulfilling life when they are aged.

Jason Hope an Entrepreneur with a Passion for Technology and Biotechnologies

Jason Hope is passionate about technology with an outlook as a futurist and an entrepreneur. Mr. Hope is known for his vision in technology and as a Scottsdale, Arizona resident he gives back to the community and is a charitable donor. Jason Hope attended Arizona State University where he earned a degree in finance and then attended the W.P. Carey School of Business earning an MBA degree.

One of Mr. Hope’s passions is technology and he is an entrepreneur in the global scientific community of rejuvenation of biotechnologies in the field of age-related disease. He has donated a half million dollars to the SENS Foundation, a California company that develops and promotes extensive access to rejuvenation biotechnologies.

In the world of technology and futurists, Mr. Hope has written and been a commentator on tech trends and the Internet of Things. His extensive comments and writings about the Internet of Things have placed him as one of the tech industry experts. The Internet of Things as he explains is connecting technology with devices to sync with other things used in daily life, whether it is appliances or street lights and even cars. He believes in the future this will be a technology advance that will be very important for businesses since it is smart technology. He cites the changes that are already taking place with public transportation and it will get better with new technology advances to monitor maintenance issues for buses and trains, real-time mapping of routes so buses can avoid hazards on the road. The end result he believes is public transportation will be safer, cause less pollution and avoid traffic accidents. He says GPS tracking will be improved to be accurate.

One of the things Mr. Hope has set up is a grant program for young students or entrepreneurs for startups as he says the future of technology depends on new ideas. Mr. Hope in the early days of his career he created Jawa a mobile communications company and now has a portfolio of technology companies. His portfolio includes Marketing Services like SEO, Digital Media Solutions, and others including Computer Information Systems and Interactive Software.

If asked what he spent money on that he felt was a good buy Mr. Hope feels this would be Under Armour Gemini 2 shoes that are the Internet of Things friendly since they track fitness progress. Next, he says mobile applications because they keep his business projects and other things organized.