How Nathaniel Ru Made Sweetgreen A Smashing Hit

College Kids Strike It Rich

When Nathaniel Ru and his college buddies decided to open up their own fast food joint, nobody could’ve guessed it would take them this far. Even more surprising is the success of a fast food franchise centered around healthy salads. Despite the risks, Ru has made Sweetgreen into an absolute success. There are Sweetgreen franchises at 40 locations across the United States. Apparently, people love healthy fast food and Sweetgreen gives them exactly what they want.



A Healthy Alternative To The Norm

Sweetgreen is a restaurant centered around salads. Just about everything in the restaurant is some sort of salad composed of various vegetables and meats. To keep things fresh and to ease the demand on the farmers Sweetgreen utilizes, the menu is seasonally based. Depending on when you visit Sweetgreen you will find different items available. Additionally, celebrities have added to the Sweetgreen menu as well. Customers can order salads made by some of the hottest celebrities such as Kendrick Lamar and chefs like David Chang. Sweetgreen is a fast food restaurant, but it carries itself like fine dining.



Why Millennials Love It

Nathaniel Ru started Sweetgreen after graduating from Georgetown University and Sweetgreen expresses the Millennial spirit strongly. Customers can order their food with their phone or through the Sweetgreen website. Most franchises are located at hotspots where Millennials prefer to live such as Seattle Washington. However, the strongest Millennial elements are found within the Sweetlife music festivals. These events are filled with the most popular celebrities out there and they focus on the spirit of philanthropy. While some brands simply fade with the passage of time, Sweetgreen is capturing an entire generation. That brand loyalty could turn this franchise into the next McDonald’s.



An American Story

The story of Nathaniel Ru is an American classic. Born to immigrant parents, he devoted himself to a solid education and set out to start his own business. In today’s world entrepreneurship is far more difficult than in previous times. Financial markets are uncertain and young people more hesitant to strike out on their own. Ru knew what he wanted in life and he decided to go for it. Just like the children of immigrants in the past, he is blazing his own trail into success and, ultimately, he is writing his name in the history books of America.

Nathaniel Ru Dreams Big

People who are passionate about their jobs are destined for success and Nathaniel Ru is one of them. He enjoys what he does and has made it his life goal to provide good healthy food to people across the nation. His company, Sweetgreen, is expanding quickly because of its appeal to a health conscious society who is looking for quality when it comes to eating.


Healthy is In

 Nathaniel Ru is one of three co-founders who was looking for a better way to eat and started the fastest growing health food salad eatery in the industry. Sweetgreen’s is a salad chain that only serves fresh, organic, locally grown food. The first location opened with great expectations in 2007 and became an important part of the historic district in Washington, D.C. Their plan was to introduce a better way for people to eat and make Sweetgreen’s the go to place for those looking to improve the way they view food.


Excellence in All Things

Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder and co-Chief Executive Officer of a company that has taken the world by storm. He and his partners Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman saw a need and decided to fill it. They are part of the technology savvy younger generation and have implemented that into Sweetgreen’s website. A large percentage of their sales are attributed to website and mobile app transactions. The work ethic of the three co-founders has given them the edge and puts them closer to the customers inside their restaurants.


Building Skills

Georgetown University helped Nathaniel Ru hone the skills he needed to become a force in the business world. After graduation, he knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur and control his own destiny. His friends were just as excited to begin an adventure that would lead them to the place they are today. It was the perfect time to open an affordable upscale farm to table salad chain that would fulfill a niche. They put a high value on the communities and their employees believing that a well-trained staff would practice good customer service. They have built their stores to reflect their values and want to continue to expand with the same dedication that they put into their very first store. Nathaniel Ru is a smart strategist who knows how to market his stores while incorporating his business expertise. Nathaniel Ru is a young man with big dreams and the ability to make them come true.


The Dream of Nathaniel Ru

There are a lot of people who have a dream of taking things to the next level in business. Nathaniel Ru is someone who is willing to go out and take risks in a variety of tough business areas. He recently started a company called Sweet Greens. This company is designed as a healthy fast food option. Over time, this is a tough industry to work in. With all of the competition in this area, it is hard to imagine that Nathaniel Ru could be taking things to the next level. However, he has announced that Sweet Green is expanding to the next level. If you are someone who wants to learn how to grow a business, he is a great resource for you to have. Sweet Green is a company that is poised to grow over the next few years under the leadership of Nathaniel Ru.


Nathaniel Ru

Starting a business takes a lot of guts and hard work. There are few people who willing to risk everything in order to start and grow a business. However, Nathaniel Ru is someone who has taken things to the next level in a variety of different ways. He is someone who is looking to the future for how to grow his business. As he takes away market share from other fast food companies, he needs to make sure that his food quality and services are the same as they have been. Often times, it can be tempting to decrease food quality in order to increase profits in the short term.


Growing a Company

There are a lot of parts involved in growing a company. If you want to take things to the next level, it is important to find a way to look to the future for your business. You must decide what your direction is in business, and you must look at the long term time horizon as well. There are many people who get caught up in the short term model of thinking. Instead of investing for the future, many business owners will try to cut corners in order to improve their current position. This is never a good idea, and it is important to always look at your business from a long term perspective. This is one of the best ways that you can take things to the next level. Nathaniel Ru has done a great job with Sweet Greens and will continue to do so in the future.