Retail Success With Fabletics

Everyone loves to work out. The desire to have a perfect body goes hand-in-hand with what they wear to the gym. Activewear is another sector of the ever-changing fashion industry. This section of the industry grows each and every day, with countless individuals buying outfits. There are many activewear companies on the market, that promise to provide the best activewear styles. In most cases, these activewear companies sell clothing that is rather expensive. The cost of clothing sometimes can deter customers from supporting a brand. However, there is one company that just surfaced on the market that is becoming very successful. Fabletics is a company that uses a unique business model to attract customers and keeps them for the long haul. This company sells stylish and comfortable activewear, that many young women are attracted to. Their prices are reasonable and they have a unique way of getting customers. Fabletics uses a membership business model to keep their customers. This business model is successful because it allows customers to buy clothing once a month. The company generates money continuously because the customers are continuously buying their products. Fabletics has great items for a low price. Many customers enjoy the comfort of their leggings and tops. The clothing is breathable, stretchy, and hypoallergenic. Many customers have said that they can go to the gym in their products and instantly go out in the clothing as well. The clothing is so comfortable, you can wear it for hours.


Fabletics is taking over the retail market. They are competing heavily with While Amazon remains the king of the retail industry, Fabletics is quickly creeping up in the ranks. Fabletics is becoming so popular, that they have generated $250 million in just three years. This feat is shocking for many in the industry. Their key to success is a combination of many things. They contribute many of their customer base to the membership business model that they have implemented. They also contribute their success and popularity, to a tactic called reverse showrooming. Many companies will say that showrooming is a killer in the retail industry. However, Fabletics has used that tactic to their advantage when it comes to their customer base. Usually, showrooming consists of a customer going to the store and browsing. When they find something that they like, instead of purchasing the item at that store, they will go to another store and buy the item at a cheaper price. For many retail companies, this is considered the death of their business. Fabletics has changed the idea of showrooming. When a customer goes into a Fabletics store, they can browse and leave the store without purchasing a thing. The change is, the clothing that they were looking at in the store will instantly be added to their online shopping cart. This allows the customer to buy the product from Fabletics, without going anywhere else.


Fabletics is a company that is growing each and every day. The company is scheduled to open six more stores, which will add to the stores they already have in the United States. The stores that are already open are located in Illinois, Florida, California, and Hawaii.

Using One’s Own Personality to Gain an Advantage in Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of business. Therefore, when one tries to get into the business of marketing, then one is going to find himself in a business that is based on the most important aspect of success. It is believed that only certain types of personalities are going to be able to handle this type of industry. This type of personality that marketing is associated with is the extroverted type. However, if there is anything that Lori Senecal is not, it is extroverted. Yet she is not only involved in the marketing industry, she is actually one of the leaders in her company.

One of the ways that Lori was able to use her personality in order to make it to the top in the marketing industry is that she is able to look at her strengths and play to it. She has used her strengths in order to bring forth the results that have brought the companies that she has worked for to higher levels of effectiveness and success. People have been impressed with her efficiency. She has looked at different projects in order to find ways to get them done in ways that are not only quick, but effective.

Lori Senecal is someone who according to Fast Company is an example for others who are introverted but want to run a business. One of the advantages of being an introvert is that it helps people focus on the procedure of getting the project done. Lori Senecal works very fast at coming wih an effective solution. While extroverted people tend to be more talkative, the introverted worker tends to be more focused and effective in bringing forth the desired results which is that the business gets sales.

Lori also has the ability to separate business from pleasure. She is able to organize her time and space so that she can be very effective at getting the job done. While she does not necessarily emote all the time as a leader, she is someone who knows how to get the point across and carries out her job so that her clients will be happy with their results. View Lori Senecal profile on more info.

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