Mark Mofid’s Impact on plastic surgery

Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon operating in the San Diego and La Jolla areas. Both the American Board of plastic surgeons and the American Board for facial and reconstructive surgery certify him. To his patients, he is committed to providing the best services. His patients and peers acknowledge him for his outstanding technical and artistic skills. These skills give him the capacity to allow results that are beautiful and Natural looking.

Patients of Dr. Mark Mofid receive a personalized and compassionate service through the entire period until they fully recover. He usually ensures that the process through the surgery is a pleasing experience for the patient. At his offices in San Diego, he carefully evaluates the patient in order to advise on the best treatment.

Dr. Mark Mofid graduated from Harvard University. He trained in General surgery training as well as a Medical degree and advanced craniofacial research fellowship at the school of medicine at Johns Hopkins University. Currently, he is a staff surgeon at various hospitals in the San Diego and La Jolla area. He is a member of the clinical faculty in the University of California, a Division of Plastic surgery in San Diego. A journal recognized by surgeons through the nation, plastic and Reconstructive surgery, has featured several of his articles. He has also done various presentations at both local and international medical conferences.

The contemplative and conservative Dr. Mark Mofid is confident in his augmentation buttock implants approach. He says that despite the request by patients, he does not overdo it. He just places intramuscular implants. He adds that some patients push for bigger implants because they believe it will add to their fame. In reality, bigger implants only increase the risk of complications. He was frustrated by the nature of implants when he started the buttock augmentation practices about eight years ago. The implants were too big for intramuscular placement.

Dr. Mark Mofid designed a more tapered Gluteal implant, which eased the intramuscular positioning process. He designed the implant for Implantech, however, he does not receive any revenues from Implantech. With an improved base to volume ratio, the implant provided a more proportional outcome. He says that when a buttock implant is done well, the rate of complications is amazingly low. He learned the technique of buttock augmentation from Raul Gonzalez, a Brazilian plastic surgeon who has performed buttock surgery since 1984.


Doctors Need to Be Kinder and More Compassionate, Popular Doctor Says

Dr. Imran Haque is one of the most popular doctors in North Carolina. In an interview, he was asked how he is so productive. Dr. Imran Haque answered that he is very good at multitasking. In fact, he has worked on it for a long time. That is why he is able to get so many stuff done, even in a short time.

When asked what his long term goals were, he said that one of his goals is to be kind and compassionate to his patients. He strongly believes that most doctors are not kind and do not have enough compassion. Many are dry and not empathetic enough. Perhaps they are only focusing on their profits. Perhaps they are stressed and overwhelmed. Some doctors think that they have to stay aloof and cold if they want to appear professional. Whatever their reason, patients would benefit greatly if doctors took the time to be kinder, and that is exactly what Dr. Imran Haque does. He feels that there must be a balance. You need to be professional, but at the same time, you need to be kind and sympathetic. You have to offer care that comes from your heart. You have to be able to listen to your patients and understand their concerns. If everyone would be more kind to other people and treat everyone else with more respect, then the world would be a much better place.

Dr. Imran Haque strongly believes that you should treat others just like you would want others to treat you. If people are selfish and only think about themselves, then the whole world will suffer as a result. Dr. Haque says that not only is this a good thing to do morally, but it has helped him in his career by enabling him to establish meaningful connections with other professionals in the healthcare industry. He meets a lot of people, and he makes sure to treat them with the utmost respect and kindness, just as he wants others to treat him and more

Dr. David Samadi Launched a Health-Based Show to Create Awareness About Health and Wellness

Dr. David Samadi is one of the most well-known prostate cancer experts in the United States and is often seen on the TV channels as a medical contributor. He currently serves as the Robotic Surgery Chief and Chairman of Urology at the highly reputed Lenox Hill Hospital at the New York City. Dr. David Samadi has started many initiatives in the past to improve the awareness about the prostate cancer screenings and to help the people who are suffering from prostate cancer or has survived prostate cancer to deal with post-treatment anxiety and trauma. Dr. David Samadi feels that the Prostate Cancer is amongst the highly curable cancer and that people don’t have to die due to it, but to achieve it, people have to be well-aware about the importance of screening for prostate cancer. He has dealt with many cases in his life where people had started receiving treatment for prostate cancer at a stage when it is too late and could have been quickly recovered had the patient received medical treatment earlier on.

He has been a medical contributor to the Fox News Channel for many years. To create awareness about the medical subjects he specializes in as well as any and all kinds of trending medical topics, he recently announced a medical based on Fox News named “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi”. The show is meant to educate people about the many health mistakes that we make in our daily lives as well as provide accurate and reliable information and updates about different health and medical subjects. As television is a common format of passing on the information, he believes that the show would be of great help in sending the critical health and wellness related news, updates, and education to the people.

The show would be telecast on every Sunday at 12.30 PM Eastern Time, and viewers can watch the show on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and the official broadcast site of Dr. David Samadi named The show is meant to cover a comprehensive range of health issues, and each episode would feature a guest from the different discipline of medical sciences. It would help in providing the viewers with a diverse range of information that would create awareness and help them lead a quality life while focusing on their health and wellness. Dr. David Samadi has given an open invitation to the medical professionals with experience to write to him to be invited as the guest on his show.

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