Wild Ark Protecting the Biodiversity of the Planet

Wild Ark is an organization of nature-loving protectors of the wild places on the planet who have the mission to preserve the biodiversity of the world such as animals and vegetation.


The organization has been in motion for more than twenty years. It was created by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson who grew up loving the great outdoors. Wild Ark has been working on many projects that have increased the population of wildlife and has protected species from extinction. One of the recent projects is with the Macquarie University. The two partners will be doing extensive research with the mission of identifying the top 100 umbrella species in the world. The preservation and expansion of those species might help significantly in the overall conservation and

the increase of the biodiversity all around the world.


Wild Ark created opportunities for people to experience nature and wildlife up close and to reconnect with the great outdoors. That inspires many people to support the causes of Wild Ark and to strive toward making a difference in their daily lives. The support allows the organization to increase their abilities to conserve and expand the population of animals and plant species.


Mark Hutchinson, one of the founders of Wild Ark has been dedicated to educating and inspiring people to protect the wildlife and take care of nature the best they can. Mark Hutchinson achieved his higher education first from the University of Sydney from which he graduated with a bachelor’s degree n Economics. After that, he also attended the INSEAD Business School and graduated with an M. B. A. Mark Hutchinson also completed studies n Conservation Biology graduating with a master’s degree from the Macquarie University. Mark Hutchinson was born and raised in Sydney, Austalia. He spent the better part of his life out in the wild and now that is also his life’s mission.


Sophie Hutchinson has since early youth had a strong love towards nature and the untamed outdoors. Some of her common childhood pastimes include hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, and boating (http://wildark.com/study-the-wild/). Her frequent explorations of life in her youth inspired her to study naturopathy during her early adulthood.