WebMD Joins in Cancer Education with CTCA

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is always ready to use new technologies in their fight against aggressive cancers. This includes the Internet which many now use for gathering much of their daily news. It is alarming to CTCA and other healthcare providers that so much misinformation on a variety of healthcare topics is readily found online. As a response, CTCA has joined with WebMD to be the voice of fact on cancer information. Since WebMD is visited by a great number of Internet users, CTCA feels that placing their cancer information on these webpages will enable more people to read the information provided. The main goal is to get people to realize when they need medical treatment as this early intervention is the best strategy to winning this war on cancer.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America is well known to healthcare providers and everyday people for their extensive work in the oncology field. They provide state-of-the-art treatments that are customized for each patient. No two cancers or people are the same. Therefore, the treatment needs to be more individualized. As new therapies are found that work well with certain groups, then that treatment becomes a standard. Cancer is a complex disease that requires many resources to fight it.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America is proud to join hands with WebMD that has graciously agreed to post CTCA cancer articles. These shortened reads give individuals precise information on a variety of cancer subjects. This is printed in an easy to understand format so readers won’t be overwhelmed by the technical jargon usually associated with medical articles. It is surely hoped that these articles spread factual information on the newest cancer advances so individuals will know the signs to watch for. If seen, individuals are to immediately contact their physician for follow-up.