SahmAdrangi: Driving Investments to the Company

The financial industry is booming, and those who had the chance to establish their firms in the 2000s decade are now feeling the growth. SahmAdrangi is one of those who decided to establish his financial firm to take advantage of the market’s rise. He founded the Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009, helping potential investors and traders to manage their investments properly. In the beginning, the Kerrisdale Capital Management only manages assets and investments worth less than $1 million, but because of his knowledge and expertise in the field of investment, the value of the assets and investments that the Kerrisdale Capital Management manages ballooned to more than $150 million in 2017.

SahmAdrangi first made it to the headlines when he exposed some fraudulent Chinese companies. He reported these firms to the Securities and Exchange Commission and stated that the companies are trying to scam other investors and ripping off their finances. The Securities and Exchange Commission answered to the complaint of SahmAdrangi by summoning the companies being reported and expelling them out of the country. After what happened with reporting the fraudulent Chinese companies, SahmAdrangi went to focus on the expansion of the Kerrisdale Capital Management. He invited several investors to put their money on his firm, and he will be the one to make it grow.

It came to a time when plenty of investors started to pour in assets and investments onto Kerrisdale Capital Management, and it gave him a chance to show them that they made the right decision. SahmAdrangi started to invest the money provided to him on high-risk investments. There were doubts at first whether he will succeed, but in the end, the sudden rise of the value of the high-risk investment made him a reliable person when it comes to investing.

Currently, there were a lot of investors – both experienced and newcomers – who are seeking the assistance of SahmAdrangi. The Kerrisdale Capital Management offers help in managing the investment of their customers and clients, and they are instrumental in creating a viable source of profit for those who are trusting them.