Copa Star the 5-star hospital

Imagine going to a hospital and receiving a five-star treatment. Well, if you go to the Copa Star hospital that is exactly what you will get. The architecture, decoration, and the location of the hospital will all give you peace and serenity.

The hospital has great and trained personnel on that will give you the treatment that you are looking for. This is the best option for the people who are looking for the best service, treatment, professionals, and medicine.

The services and equipment

Copa Star has dedicated time to providing you with quality services.

« They use the best techniques in the neurosurgery and cardiac surgery

« The hospital has different rooms;

ü Smart operating rooms
ü Hybrid rooms
ü Neurosurgery

All these rooms have been equipped with state of the art imaging equipment, robotic medicine, and telemedicine.

The architecture of Copa Star has been designed in a way that it will let in light through to the rooms. The hospital has been designed with two hundred of Toyota pieces.

Since the hospital is big, they have included all these services that will enhance the lives of the patients and their families.

The hospital has been constructed on a 21, 000 sq. meters. With this, the hospital has nine operating rooms and 155 suites designed for the patients. The hospital has also had 59 ICU rooms. The ICU rooms on have been created to offer the patients with an environment that they can enable them to recover quickly.

You see one of the problems that the ICU patients experience is isolation which can affect them. To deal with that, they have installed a camera on the streets to deliver images will appear on the screens and keep them entertained. They have also installed the cameras on the tall building to broadcast real-time images of the neighboring beach.

Copa Star has the most qualified staff members who are about 550 in number. All the nurses in the hospital receive special training to teach them on how to handle the different health situations. So you can be assured that you will be getting the best service.

Copa Star has embraced technology by designing an app specifically for the hospital. The app has been installed on the different apps that are attached to the bed. With this app, the patients will be in a position to control all the different functions of the room as the lights, curtains, video conference with the doctors and also call the nurse. The doctors on the other side can use the tablets to show the patients the different images and also radiology exams.

The hospital is a member of the Redo D’Or.