End Citizens United And How We Help Them Operate

End Citizens United is one of the strongest PACs in America today, and it has produced quite a lot of help for those of us who wish to improve campaign financing in America. I believe quite strongly in this, and I want to see people live in a country that is not run by money. We all believe in helping our fellow man, and I know that there are a number of people who will want to help me. This article explains how End Citizens United wants to change national campaign finance laws.


#1: I Want To Help Them Raise Money


Raising money for End Citizens United makes quite a difference, and there are many different people who will join us for this cause. We have raised a few million dollars, and I know that we have a goal of raising $35 million. This is a public information project that will change lives, and I hope that people will see a change in their life when we remove lobbyists from the process.


#2: Who Benefits?


End Citizens United will help remove the lobby from government because they are paying for too much. There are many different people who will live different lives because politicians have been bought and paid for by special interests. There are many special interests that people do not know about, and they will be confronted with them because they did not realize that they are living differently because of the money paid to win elections.


#3: It Has Changed The Presidency


Someone who is watching federal elections will find that big money has paid for a Presidential election, and there are many people who will learn by watching what End Citizens United posts to social media. Social media is important for dispersing information, and there are many people who read what I post from the End Citizens United pages. I am trying to educate the people around me so that they can see the lobbyists are altering how we live. I help at events in the same way, and I want people to know that they are allowing someone with quite a lot of money to win an election even if they have no ideas or scruples.


There are many different people who will find that they must read and learn about End Citizens United as much as they can. It is fun for people to learn in the way that I did, and I have asked them to come see me at these events. We must all help End Citizens United because campaign financing is a problem that impacts us all. We want the voting public to know how hard it is to live well in this system.


Alfonso De Angoitia Noriega’s Time At Grupo Televisa, S.A.

One of Mexico’s most competitive media firms is the Grupo Televisa, S.A. It dominates all other media firms through its investments and coverage. The media firm, like all other Mexican media firms, communicates mainly in Spanish. Its competition is mostly intrinsic even though ideally, media firms are supposed to exist in close competition for the sake of impartiality and independence. Grupo Televisa, S.A. dominates other media firms regarding viewership because of its impeccable reputation for professionalism, consistency, aggressive coverage and entertainment. The majority of Mexicans prefer the media firm to any other for daily news updates.

Grupo Televisa, S.A. enjoys a reach of over 90 percent of all the people of Mexico and is followed loyally by over 70 percent of the total Mexican viewership. The reach is mainly attributed to Grupo Televisa, S.A.’s overreaching presence. It owns over 225 television stations which are broadcasted by four networks which are all owned by the company. Apart from television stations, the media firm also owns a publishing arm which coincidentally, happens to be the biggest Spanish-language publishing firm in the world. Therefore, other than just treating its viewership to over 50,000 hours of telenovelas annually, its Editorial Televisa serves Spanish readers across all of America.

The firm is reportedly as successful as it is because of the concerted efforts of the board and particularly the indispensable advice that the company’s Executive Vice President has been giving to the firm’s founder. Mr. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has been a member of the Televisa Board since 1997. He was installed as the company’s chairperson of its finance committee back in 2009.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega was just a corporate expert working for the White & Case LLP before he joined Televisa. He had also been a founding partner of the Mijares, a successful Mexican law firm. He had been such a good attorney that he won his law firm a client as big as the CEO of the Grupo Televisa, Emilio Azcárraga.

Mr. Emilio Azcárraga was shrewd enough to convince Angoitia to work for the media giants. Once on board, Mr. Angoitica went on to display his financial prowess by piecing up a 1.2 billion dollar deal that saw Univision and Televisa unite for profit and growth.

Three Character Traits That Contribute to Adam Milstein’s Success

Adam Milstein is many things. He’s a philanthropist, a family man, and a wildly successful business owner. An Israeli native, he’s active both in the Jewish community, philanthropic work with the Israeli-American Council of which he is the chair, and his real estate business, Hager Pacific Properties. But Adam is more than just a businessman. He sees opportunities others don’t, and he’s not afraid to branch out and go against the status quo.


A Heart For Entrepreneurship


Adam Milstein came to the United States in search of higher education. However, after graduating from USC, he realized that many recruiters didn’t appreciate his diverse background, the experience he had, and the skill set he could bring to the table. So, instead of looking for a job, he branched out on his own and set up his own business. After three successful years as a Real Estate Commercial broker, he began to venture into the world of real estate investing and Hager Pacific Properties was born.


A Positive Outlook


Another trait that makes Milstein so successful is his relentless positivity. Instead of complaining that he wasn’t given the jobs others were, he created his own company. When asked in interviews what his worst job was, he’ll say that he’s never had a job he didn’t like because he just enjoys working. Because of this positivity and the ability to create an opportunity out of every challenge, Milstein sees doors open where others just see a wall.


A Family Man


Not only does Adam have a heart for the community, he’s a family man at heart. When asked in an interview what the best hundred dollars he spent were, he said it was the money he spent on dinner with his family because family is most important.


By staying positive, creating opportunities where none seem to exist, and keeping his eye on what’s really important in life, Adam Milstein has been able to push through a great many challenges and become the successful businessman and philanthropist he is today. The characteristics that have helped him get this far are the same ones that will carry him through a lifetime of success. Only time will tell what Adam Milstein will accomplish next.


The Milstein Foundation