Sam Tabar: From Attorney to Financial Strategist

Meet Sam Tabar from New York, a top-notch attorney who also doubles up as an amazing capital strategist. Sam started his journey at Skadden as a associate, after which he quickly went on other firms such as Slater, Arps and Meagher & Flom LLP. He joined the SPARX group of Investment Advisors as Co-Head of Business Development and capital strategist.

Bloomberg said that Sam Tabar was absorbed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch as both its Head of Capital Strategy and Director for the Asia-Pacific area. During his tenure there he gave the clients of the hedge fund invaluable counselling as well as providing them with a framework to their introductions to their institutional investors which include pensions, foundations, endowments, big family held offices and funds of funds.

He helped out with the management of the whole capital allocations cycle that occurs between investors and fund managers. During his time at the Bank of America Merril Lynch, he build up an impressive roster of over a thousand institutional investors.

In 2012, Tabar left the Bank to take up a position as the Adanac LLC, BVI Director where he lead investments in start-ups from the United States which even include Verboten and Thinx and other properties.

He reemerged on the legal sector radar in September 2013, which is when he worked as a Senior Associate who’s job was to cater to the hedge funds for Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP.

He gave advice on store arrangement and structure, venture administration agreements, private situation memoranda, the creation side letters, work issues, and administrative and compliance related issues during his time at at Schulte Roth and Zabel and finally left in 2014.

Sam truly enjoys hosting events and large gatherings, as his zest for life is best showcased under such circumstances. Though is native language is English, he is completely fluent in both the verbal and written aspects of English and French and can even get across functionally in Japanese.

According to Art Station, Sam Tabar enjoys holidays and embraces the spiritual journeys of the holy water bodies, looking for forgiveness and the ability to be kinder to himself. He also found it amusing to have come across an apparently ‘signed’ copy of the Holy Bible up on display at a local bookstore, as is seen by his Twitter feed.

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A Shining Star In Brazilian Construction: Construcap

Construcap is a company that is committed to doing its part in the country of Brazil. One of the ten largest construction companies in the country, Construcap is a leader in the continuous development of new ideas for its people on They are committed to their clients, big and small, with the ability to achieve the goals necessary to complete the numerous projects that are called for by its clients.

In energy, in infrastructure, and in buildings, Construcap has been a leader in the Integrated Management System reported on They are in both the private and public markets, and is one of Brazil’s largest construction companies.

As it turns out, Construcap ranked in the top 1,500 companies in the country of all of Brazil’s companies, ranking number 431 as far as financial performance goes. That is fairly impressive when one considers that they are ranked among 1,500 different companies. Indeed, Construcap appears to be one of the big contributors to making a big difference in Brazil’s current surge in the economic scenarios in the world. In Brazil, this company is doing more than its part to put Brazil first, and do what it can to make Brazil a world wide shining star as far as construction and business goes.

Construcap is among the leaders in engineering in Brazil, ranking number seven in that category with a list of over 500 different construction and engineering companies. This means that Construcap is truly a leader in construction and engineering in Brazil.

All of its projects and all of its labor is geared toward sustainability of Brazil’s economy.

Their goal is to strive to maintain a serious and well-managed, safe work environment for its employees, and maintaining high standards in every detail of their company’s mission. The future awaits, and Construcap will be right there in the limelight!

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Sawyer Howitt: Racquetball Beginnings

The young Sawyer Howitt’s racquetball career was short lived throughout his high school career. As and lays out in its “Match History” page, Howitt’s standing during his run as a player. Before Howitt’s ranking in his division was 33800, however, after taking on a total 2 losses and 0 wins, suffered at the hands of Jack Baldschun of Portland, Oregon and Eric Poppleton of Salem, Oregon in the 2015 Oregon High School Racquetball State Championships, Howitt has been dropped to 33803. Currently undergoing his second semester as a high school senior and working as project manager for the Meriwether Group, it does not appear Howitt will be swinging on the court anytime soon. Although Sawyer has gone on record as “missing racquet club” in a tweet, he seems to have found his calling in business, finance and help to mentor troubled youth at the Meriwether Group of Entrepreneurs.

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OSI Group & The Advantages In Costumed Food Solutions

When it comes to producing some of the best tasting food solutions, there are many options available worldwide. There are many retailers, grocery stores, and restaurants who receive their food products from the same provider and OSI Group is one of the leaders in the pack as it is revolutionizing the industry with it’s wide array of services.

OSI Group does it all for the clients as it’s great for processing, development, management, and distribution. The entire logistics process from start to finish is covered, which takes away the headaches and stress. Types of food solutions? This company produces some of the very best such as sausage links, bacon, roast beef, beef patties, onions, tomatoes, cookies, dough products, poultry, fish, meatballs, breads, pizza, tofu, and many more.

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Did you know that OSI is one of the nation’s largest privately held companies? That’s right! There are literally more than 20,000 employees under this huge umbrella. Even it’s 65 facilities are innovative in which the employees work. To add a bit more, OSI Group has expanded across 17 different countries. What can OSI actually do and what are the benefits?

Quality Assurance & Safety
Global Flavor Knowledge
Ethical & Honest
Creates Custom Food Solutions
Expertise & Experience
Covers The Entire Supply Chain
Unlimited Product Choices
And many more

No other food provider in the world can make guarantees of this magnitude, but OSI defies the odds. For those interested in a career in food services, this company is always on look out for motivated, ambitious, and entrepreneurial type of people. Overall, OSI Group is the best food provider because it actually lives up to the hype and deliver on all promises.

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Using One’s Own Personality to Gain an Advantage in Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of business. Therefore, when one tries to get into the business of marketing, then one is going to find himself in a business that is based on the most important aspect of success. It is believed that only certain types of personalities are going to be able to handle this type of industry. This type of personality that marketing is associated with is the extroverted type. However, if there is anything that Lori Senecal is not, it is extroverted. Yet she is not only involved in the marketing industry, she is actually one of the leaders in her company.

One of the ways that Lori was able to use her personality in order to make it to the top in the marketing industry is that she is able to look at her strengths and play to it. She has used her strengths in order to bring forth the results that have brought the companies that she has worked for to higher levels of effectiveness and success. People have been impressed with her efficiency. She has looked at different projects in order to find ways to get them done in ways that are not only quick, but effective.

Lori Senecal is someone who according to Fast Company is an example for others who are introverted but want to run a business. One of the advantages of being an introvert is that it helps people focus on the procedure of getting the project done. Lori Senecal works very fast at coming wih an effective solution. While extroverted people tend to be more talkative, the introverted worker tends to be more focused and effective in bringing forth the desired results which is that the business gets sales.

Lori also has the ability to separate business from pleasure. She is able to organize her time and space so that she can be very effective at getting the job done. While she does not necessarily emote all the time as a leader, she is someone who knows how to get the point across and carries out her job so that her clients will be happy with their results. View Lori Senecal profile on more info.

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