EOS Lip Balm Is Growing In Leaps and Bounds

As the fall season comes into full swing there is a buzz in the air. Women are excited about what they are witnessing in the lip balm industry. They are gaining a lot of appreciation for the lip balm that is being designed by the Evolution of Smooth. This is one of those products that has become a lot more interesting because it has different flavors and there is also a celebrity buzz going on with this lip balm.

Miley Cyrus has been seen using this product. There has also been some buzz about Kim Kardashian and her use of the product. These are two of the biggest social media stars on the web. When they are caught using a product the buzz spreads like wildfire. The Evolution of Smooth has benefited from this, but this is not all that this company has managed to do. It has managed to come in and take over the industry. Chapstick was the king, but now the Evolution of Smooth is the leader.

This lead has happened because EOS lip balm has made the decision to market to women and get the word out about this brand through social media. Women are spreading the word about the organic lip balm products. There are all types of flavors on the market that people can obtain with this company. There are fruity flavors that women love, and the product is effective. It does what it is supposed to do and it presents a much better line of products than the generic lip chap products of the past.

There are so many people that are using EOS products. This company has managed to sell as many as 1 million on eBay of the lip balm products each week. The sales are amazing and this company has lots of growth options. Visit the website, evolutionofsmooth.com and Linked In page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/eos-products-evolution-of-smooth- for more information.


Nathaniel Ru Dreams Big

People who are passionate about their jobs are destined for success and Nathaniel Ru is one of them. He enjoys what he does and has made it his life goal to provide good healthy food to people across the nation. His company, Sweetgreen, is expanding quickly because of its appeal to a health conscious society who is looking for quality when it comes to eating.


Healthy is In

 Nathaniel Ru is one of three co-founders who was looking for a better way to eat and started the fastest growing health food salad eatery in the industry. Sweetgreen’s is a salad chain that only serves fresh, organic, locally grown food. The first location opened with great expectations in 2007 and became an important part of the historic district in Washington, D.C. Their plan was to introduce a better way for people to eat and make Sweetgreen’s the go to place for those looking to improve the way they view food.


Excellence in All Things

Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder and co-Chief Executive Officer of a company that has taken the world by storm. He and his partners Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman saw a need and decided to fill it. They are part of the technology savvy younger generation and have implemented that into Sweetgreen’s website. A large percentage of their sales are attributed to website and mobile app transactions. The work ethic of the three co-founders has given them the edge and puts them closer to the customers inside their restaurants.


Building Skills

Georgetown University helped Nathaniel Ru hone the skills he needed to become a force in the business world. After graduation, he knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur and control his own destiny. His friends were just as excited to begin an adventure that would lead them to the place they are today. It was the perfect time to open an affordable upscale farm to table salad chain that would fulfill a niche. They put a high value on the communities and their employees believing that a well-trained staff would practice good customer service. They have built their stores to reflect their values and want to continue to expand with the same dedication that they put into their very first store. Nathaniel Ru is a smart strategist who knows how to market his stores while incorporating his business expertise. Nathaniel Ru is a young man with big dreams and the ability to make them come true.


Beautiful Hair Comes Easy With WEN Cleansing Conditioners

There are a countless number of women out there that are constantly on the search for a better hair care product that will give them manageable and beautiful locks on a daily basis. Bustle Magazine’s very own, Emily McClure, happens to be one of these women, and she decided to try out Chaz Dean‘s product. He created the WEN hair care line, and it is a set of cleansing conditioners that promises to work on all types of hair. Emily ordered the product and went on to test it out for a weeks time, after which she put together a review to publish on Bustle for her readers to inform them of the product.
It did not even take a week before Emily started to notice some results in her hair. She could see that it was actually shinier and feeling fulling when she felt it after taking a shower. What’s more is she feels that it caused less hair fall overall while in the bathroom. Regardless of the hair being dry, oily, thing, brittle, and more, WEN cleansing conditioners are designed to work on them all, while also providing a deep clean that doesn’t strip the hair and scalp of natural moisture and oils. Chaz Dean and his team went through a lot of work to create the special 5 in 1 formula that went into WEN, which are currently available to many online retailers, such as Guthy-Renker, Sephora and Amazon. Or at http://www.qvc.com/beauty/wen/_/N-rhtyZ1z141dz/c.html.

Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioners come with a how-to guide on proper usage and what dose should be used for certain types and amount of hair. Because the product is made up of all natural ingredients it is safe to use on a daily basis as well as be used with other hair care products that are safe. What’s better is WEN allows women to free up some space in their product list because it can take the place of many shampoos and conditioners out there.


Securus Technologies Upgrades Its Video Visitation Technology

The inmate communication industry has grown to attain recommendable innovations that have seen inmates participate in their family issues. Securus Technologies, a leading service provider of inmate communication services and other civil and criminal justice technology, has transformed video visitation to a communication platform where incarcerated parents play a vital role in their children’s upbringing.


For instance, parents who are incarcerated can help their children at home in a wide range of educational matters like helping them with their homework and career guidance. This is among the best technological advancements introduced to the correctional facilities as it has ensured that inmates’ relatives and inmates can not only communicate but can also feel united.


The advanced video visitation can be accessed through iPhones, iPads, and desktop computers. Depending on a correctional facility’s regulations, families can schedule the visitations at their convenient time while they stay at home.


Technological developments from Securus Technologies reduce recidivism, improve security within and outside jail facilities, connect loved ones separated by correctional facility, and aid in preparation for inmates’ life after their stay in prison. It has been established that the prisoners who have access to the services have reduced chances of being incarcerated again.


The inmate communication industry had been redundant for so long. Most communication channels were outdated and contact between detainees and their relatives was seemingly difficult. However, since 1986 when Securus Technologies was established, communication technology within correctional facilities has not only improved but also grown to incorporate highly sophisticated systems that have proved useful in enhancing inmates’ rehabilitation.


Securus Technologies boasts of a robust team of experts who have exceptional experience in developing all kinds of technology that suits all the needs of the civil and criminal justice industry. To back up their team, Securus Technologies collaborates with different companies that provide various technical services.


Due to the quality of service, Securus Technologies is recognized as the leading service provider of inmate communication services in the United States and Canada. It serves more than 2200 jail centers holding close to 1,200,000 prisoners. Besides inmate contact, they provide other services like biometric analysis, investigation, inmate welfare services and much more. Their services are designed to address the needs of inmates and correctional facility management.


Securus Technologies is based in United Stated with its main offices in Dallas. The company runs its operations in other regions from other regional offices located in Carrollton, Allen, and Atlanta.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.