Organo Gold: A Taste of Good Health

In 2008, Bernardo Chua launched Organo Gold.. This company is among the biggest investors in the world movement to promote coffee alternatives for wellness and health products. Organo Gold’s active ingredient is Gandoderma Lucidum herb. It is a Chinese mushroom that has been used for centuries in China for its medicinal properties. Organo Gold uses it in all of its coffees and other products. Since 2010, Organo Gold has been growing in populatirty in Canada, the United States, and all over the globe. The Organic Gold website supports multiple languages.

Chua is an experienced network marketer from the Philippines. In his native country, he worked for Gano Excel as an executive. When he started his business model, he saw that there were many benefits when companies worked with direct sales. He wanted to grow the business quickly in the Philippines and to move the company globally. Under his direction, Gano Excel expanded from the Philippines to Canada, Hong Kong, and America. He moved to the United States and became president over the USA arm of the company.

He left Gano Excel to found Organo Gold, which is a conglomerate of Coffee Connoisseur and Organo Gold. His goals were to sell healthy coffee products that contain Gandoerma lucidum through an established multilevel business model on a wholesale basis. According to his Facebook, Chua has a Chinese heritage and has known about the benefits of this wonder herb from childhood. Consumers would buy the product for a suggested retail price. Bernardo Chua still believes that direct sales is the optimal way to grow the Organo Gold business, and has established a rewards system as such.

Smiling More With EOS Healthy Balms

Everyone has a smile, and everyone should use it. The smile is a great communicator and the smile is the same in every language. Evolution of Smooth lip balms can help people to find their smile’s true beauty.
Keeping the teeth healthy in a smile can be as easy as going to the dentist and brushing the teeth daily. It requires a maintenance program to keep the teeth in a good condition. Another part of the smile which is sometimes less considered are the lips. The lips are an essential part of the smile, and regular maintenance is as important to keeping the lips in good condition as brushing is to keeping the teeth healthy. Regular lip maintenance can be achieved by using a lip balm, but more particularly, the lip balm should be natural and organic.

One of the best lip balms to use for keeping the lips in good shape are Evolution of Smooth products. These balms are filled with natural ingredients that help to soothe and protect the lips from the sun, the dryness and cold of winter, and the blistering heat of summer. EOS balms seal in essential moisture and add it back with healthy oils Jojoba and vitamins found in healthy nuts like Vitamin E. Shea butter is a rich and emollient natural ingredient that penetrates deep into the skin, enriching the lips and preventing chapping. Their product are available on Ulta and on

Natural ingredients also scent and flavor the balms. There are no fake and plasticky flavors found in these cosmetics. Flavors like coconut, strawberry and lemon are all reminiscent of biting in to the actual food itself. They are as soothing to smell and taste as they are to feel on the lips. For more info, visit the EOS Facebook page.


Discover The Benefits Of IAP For World Events

IAP Worldwide has proudly served over 25 communities worldwide with over 2,000+ employees on their team. They are there to back you when you need a small army or a reliable power structure. They are committed to meeting the needs of a diverse group of people suffering from global issues. They make the needs of their clients the reason for getting up early each moment. They are a friendly team of professionals that are trained and equipped to handle a natural disaster. Things have at the spare of the moment and they are prepared to meet your direct needs in an instant at IAP Worldwide.

A crisis situation requires go to leadership that aren’t afraid to tackle any tasks. They can operate from many stationary areas including military bases to small communities. Get the desired issues that you need when you need them at any location. More importantly, government contract vehicles help them extend their coverage and focus on national defense. The government is one of their top clients for many global-scale issues that mankind faces on a daily basis. Visit IAP Worldwide for more program information and details. Get the management or program details that you need with a focus on excellency of service.

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There are many challenges in the world that center around national security. It takes a qualified professional to master many tasks and obligations placed on their clients. They specialize in making the impossible possible for real customers when they need it. IAP takes pride in engaging in the unexpected. They’ve built a reputation for being responsive and a strong market of leaders. They define success only when the needs of their customers are met. This is how they show their gratitude to the thousands of people that utilize their service each year.

A recent article in the Huffington Post has highlighted their talents. The ultimate goal of their clientele becomes their goal. They have also partnered with many key businesses around the world. They tackle each job with conviction and passion. You can even get help through a remote research laboratory. You get superior program management in a moments notice. You’ll get superior technological and a strong team of professionals that want your expected outcome to become the solution to your problems. Don’t tackle unexpected world crisis without a team of trained professionals there to assist you. Visit IAP for more program details and information.

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